Saturday, November 17, 2007

It All Started With A Mouse.

And the man behind that mouse has inspired countless people in many ways and will continue to do so for many years.

Recently, Mike Scopa was a special guest on the All About the Mouse Disney Podcast hosted by my friends Jonathan and Bryan. Two topics were discussed, MVMCP and the annual marathons held on Disney property each January.

All this time I had been thanking Jonathan for the inspiration to get off the couch and moving again. After listening to Jonathan, I should be thanking Uncle Walt as well.
Right now you’re saying, what?

Jonathan explained this on the show, but let me try to here also.
Jonathan was inspired by Lou Mongello who was inspired by Mike Scopa who was inspired by…..
The common thread here is Disney. Just think, if Walt had not lived his dream, where would each of us be today? I might still be sitting on the couch eating cheesy poofs if not for Jonathan. Seriously, I was in decent shape in 05-06 and then I just quit.
So I am thankful to my friend Jonathan and to you who support him, each other, and myself.
And Walt, thank you too .

I look forward to meeting many of you very soon at MouseFest. Let’s each raise a Dole Whip and toast Uncle Walt at Dr. Scopas Magical Elixer meet.
What do you say?


Breakfast: 5 pts. Raisin Bran w/skim milk

Lunch: 5 pts. Smart Ones Salisbury Steak

Dinner: 3 pts. Smart Ones Shrimp Marinara

Fourth Meal: 8 pts. Grilled chicken sandwich w/ lettuce and tomato.

Snack: 3 pts. Cashew-Cranberry-Almond snack mix 1oz.

Exercise: Jog 9.12 miles in 102 min.

I was inspired by Jogger Blogger's long run today and was able to add that extra mile in tonight.

I said I would review Beowulf so here you go.
Very disappointing. Perhaps if I had been familiar with the story it might have been better. Huge gaping holes in the plot. Some characters were highly detailed while others looked like they walked onto the set from Shrek. (I am not slamming Shrek, I really enjoy Shrek) I felt like I was watching cut plot scenes from a video game.
People laughed out loud at parts of it, and for the first time ever, I witnessed people walking out on a movie, two groups of them. Wait for this one to arrive in your local video store. It won't be long.

Tell Next Time...

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Rae! said...

Great job on the run.

Yes it did start with the Mouse.I have said that is what brought all of us together.Disney. All it stands for, all it represents,and it brings families closer.{I know}.

And people from around the world we all get along there.Peaceful. Gee maybe Walt had a bigger plan?? :)