Wednesday, November 21, 2007

204.6 lbs, 4"......of Snow, and Now I've Been Tagged

This morning was a pleasant surprise. I managed to drop 4 lbs. The other day I jokingly mentioned to Jonathan that the gloves were off after he posted a nice loss. He, Rae, and I are doing our best to reach some personal goals before MouseFest. Jonathan said the first one of us to reach their goal has the honor of purchasing some type of beverage for the others at MouseFest.
Who will it be? The next couple of weeks will decide that.

Snow! Yes, I said snow we received 4" today. Roads were nasty for part of the day.
Of course only a few of my neighbors have shoveled their sidewalks. I'm sure the city has been too busy to clear the bike trails. So I guess I have a date with the treadmill tonight. Personally I dislike the treadmill. I find it boring and if I use it I prefer to walk. I guess the important thing is to make use of it.

Thanks go out to Kate for stopping by and leaving a comment today. Kate, I have added you to my blogger list. Now Kate decided to be cute and TAG me. Thanks for that too...I guess. haha.
All in good fun right?

Rule #2 says I must share 5 facts about myself. So let's see if I can come up with some things that are not on my profile.

1. I played Trumpet in Junior High but quit in High School because I disliked Marching Band.
2. I love the old b/w Charlie Chan and Sherlock Holmes movies starring Warner Oland and Basil Rathbone.
3. Growing up I never understood why my Uncle took his family to WDW every single year. Now I'm grown up and I wish I could visit every year.
4. I work in communications and part of my job is delivering cable programming (including the Disney channel and ESPN) to southern Minnesota and parts of Illinois. (I work in central Iowa)
5. One of my ancesters was the Aunt of William Penn.

Rules #3 and 4 say I am suppose to TAG 5 other bloggers and provide links to their sites. Frankly I only follow a few blogs so if I did that, this could just turn into a never ending circle. So I'm going to take an incomplete on rules three and four.


Breakfast: 8 pts. Two eggs w/wheat toast. Skim milk.
Lunch: 5 pts. Subway 6" turkey on wheat. No cheese and no chips.
Dinner: 15 pts. Chilli w/cornbread and honey.

Exercise: 3.1 miles 56min + 30min of snow shoveling my neighbors driveway tonight as they are out of town. Anyone care to guess where they went? Yep, WDW and it's their first family trip there. How cool huh? I told them to be sure and pick up first visit buttons. I ended up doing my walk outside after working on my neighbors drive. It was a bit slippery here and there, but more fun than the treadmill.

I hope everyone has a great Thankgiving.

Till next time...


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thankgsgiving! :-)

Anonymous said...

TAG. Your it. :-)

Rae! said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family,the food and fun,but remember that I am watching you,watching you,all the time..... lol

Rae! said...

Wow you run fast.

caballerofan said...

Rae, you must have read the post from a couple days ago. It was just one of those nights when everything felt right so I went for it. The one draw back was that it did tire me out, causing me to stop at four miles rather than six. It was a nice run but outside of the norm for me. Typically I jog between a 10.5 and an 11.5 pace.

Anonymous said...

Yes, feel free to change the rules as you see fit. I had hoped you would. :-)

Rae! said...

Yes it was a couple days old and I was just trying to catch up. Happy Turkey Day!!!!

Bryan said...

I know I'm a little behind but after reading this blog I must say...THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IWTH MARCHING BAND!!! =0)

I played trumpet myself in high school and I loved marching.I thought it was a lot of fun.It definitely beat sitting in a stuffy band room and sitting next to the saxes and the clarinets...haha.

Plus you get in free to all the football games.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.