Monday, November 12, 2007

Get Up Offa That Thing - James Brown

Admittedly, tonight was another one of those times that I did not feel like exercising.
Somehow, I managed to pull it together and get out the door.
Temp was around 52 and it felt great. I ended up having a nice comfortable jog.

Breakfast: 5 pts. My morning standard of Raisin bran w/skim milk

Lunch: 5 pts. Smart Ones Lasanga

Snack: 3 pts. Cashew-Cranberry-Almond snack mix 1 oz.

Dinner: 6 pts. 1 hot dog on a wheat bun. That's it, the kids ate everything else. So room for dessert.

Dessert 6 pts. 3 oreos w/ skim milk

Exercise: Jog 4.21 miles in 50 min.

Till next time...

1 comment:

Joggerblogger said...

Nice work on getting out the door, I find most of my best miles are when I haven't wanted to go out.

Keep up the great work.