Sunday, December 16, 2007

Treadmill Theater Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

After no exercise yesterday and some snacking that was, let's say emotionally driven. Today I had to get back on track. So with the cold weather and all, I hit the Treadmill once again. I would prefer to exercise outside but with the icy sidewalks and trails I need to play it safe.
I am not going to post yesterdays meals because with all the snacking I did it's a wash. But today was better.

BK: 11 pts. Egg Sausage Toast OJ
LN: 8 pts. Chicken Strips, two hush puppies
DN: 9 pts. Chili
EX: 6.03 miles 91 min Bill & Ted actually have some pretty good music to keep you moving.

Trip Report #4


This day was one I had been looking forward to ever since I was able to confirm that I was coming to MouseFest. This morning started off with the first ever "Team Voice" walk/jog meet.
Rae and E picked me up perfectly on time at Movies and we traveled over to Boardwalk and met up with Jonathan, Bryan, Kate, and Deb. This was finally a chance to hang out with new friends (outside of the Disney meets) and support one another by exercising together. It was great to spend this time together and get to know each other beyond the world of internet blogging. Although the time seemed brief it really ment alot to me. Thank you everyone for agreeing to take the time to do this.

Following this gathering Rae and E dropped me back off at Movies. After getting cleaned up, my wife and I headed over to Epcot. We entered through the main gates and walked back through the World Showcase gate and went over to the All About The Mouse Beaches and Cream Meet.

The guys had a really good turn out which is a testiment to the popularity of the podcast. (They do such a great job) Pictured above is what is known as a Kitchen Sink. Bryan and Jonathan ordered 5 of these plus a couple No Way Jose's. They had some prize drawings and it was a great time. Rae surprised Jonathan with a donation to the Dream Team which will go to help a pediatric cancer patient and their family visit Disney World.

Rae and E also surprised some of us with unexpected gifts. I really love the Mickey ornament. Now I have a wonderful keepsake to enjoy, and remember my new friends by. Thank you so much Rae and E. After this meet we went over to the MegaMouse meet. Which was basically a convention hall location where you could meet and great other podcasters, Disney web designers, Travel book authors, and many other fans who support Disney in one fashion or another. We left the meet and spent the rest of the day at Epcot. We noticed a line forming at Spaceship Earth and decided to check it out. There was much speculation as to if the attraction would open up for a ride preview. Just as we were about to give up Kate came walking by and chatted with us for a little bit. While we were talking they opened the gates to let people on the attraction. So thank you Kate, we might have left the line and missed the chance to check it out. Dinner was at the San Angel Inn. The appetizers where better than the meal here. Service was a bit slow. But they did serve a tasty top shelf margarita.

Hathaway Browne & Fletcher Hodges (or is it Otis T. Wren) of the Adventurers Club.

After Dinner we went back to our room for a bit and then went over to Pleasure Island. We met up with Bryan and his wife Amy and caught the last couple of acts at the Adventurers Clubs. The comedy got just slightly blue but not over the top. I thought it was alot of fun and would like to stop again on another trip and catch each act.

Well that wraps this days report.

Till next time, Be excellent to each other and.....Party on dudes.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very nice day.

After seeing you enter Spaceship Earth and the line moving so quickly I also joined in at the end of the line. So thank you. If I had not stopped to talk to you I would not have seen it either.

Good luck with your training! :-)

Rae! said...

I am glad that you like the ornament.We purchase all that they had.
Don't sweat the small stuff.Emotional eating is so hard to get away from.I know I have been doing it to.I think we all have.Don't worry about gaining just maintaining and we can start a challenge in 2008. Any ideas?
Have a great day!