Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Wednesday was a beast of a day.

Hello everyone. Well as you can see I did put on three pounds during the trip.

But I am home now, focused, and determined to push that number in the right direction.

We spent Wednesday scraping 2" to 3" of ice off the driveway. It took over two hours and I still need to take care of the sidewalks. I told myself it was alternative exercise.

Fatigue really krept in so no treadmill. But I should be able to get some time on it tomorrow.
Breakfast. 5 pts Raisin bran w/skim milk
Lunch. 7 pts 1 taco
Dinner. 12 pts Beef and cheese nachos.
Exercise. Driveway.

Trip report 1:

We departed the Snowy Tundra on 12/5/07 (Walt's Birthday) and arrived in Orlando on time at 6:05 pm. We had to claim our own luggage because our Magical express tags had not arrive with our trip vouchers. This cost us about 30 min.
We then checked in at the Magic Express counter. They confirmed our return flight information and explained how to proceed to the bus that would take us to All Star Movies.
We were escorted to the bus right away and we waited for additional passengers. The bus ride itself was nice except for one women sitting near me who made three calls on her cell phone during the ride. She could have talked softer (or not at all) and not been a bother. Some people just are not considerate of others.
The hotel check-in went smooth. We dropped our luggage in the room and headed out to the bus area to catch a ride to the Magic Kingdom. We had hoped to be on the beach at Poly to watch wishes before dining at Ohanas. As our bus pulled up Wishes was already in progress, we headed up the ramp to catch the resort monorail. While waiting for our dinner seating I enjoyed a Lapu Lapu. This was a drink that Bryan suggested I try. Basically, it is a rum drink served in a hollowed out pineapple. It was very good but very strong. One was enough. We enjoyed Christmas songs in the lobby area sung by a gentleman named Kaleo.
We used the Disney dining plan for this trip. Let me say you get a lot of food. Too much in some places. Ohanas was one of those places. We really liked most of the offerings here but they brought out enough food for four people. Although we sampled everything, a lot of food was wasted because of the vast volume of it. Have I mentioned it was a lot of food?
It actually took me two days to recover from eating so much food. I was not accustomed to it.
After dinner we just explored the resort for a bit and then when back to our room.
More to come Thursday...

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