Friday, December 14, 2007

Catching Up

Ok so with tonights post I am finally catching up. I have been doing so many things over the past couple of days. I am soooo ready for a vacation. haha.

BK: 5 pts Rasin Bran w/skim milk
LN: 9 pts Jalapeno Chicken griller.
DN: 14 pts. Pizza two slices.
SN: 4 pts. Almond granola bar.
EX: 5.4 miles in 74 min

On to trip report # 3

With most of the Mousefesters heading over to the Animal Kingdom this morning we decided to spend the entire day at MGM.
Tower of terror twice back to back. During our first ride the Disney Dream team showed up in the library room and gave all of us Dream Fastpasses. This was really cool, although with the light crowds we never actually had to use them. We then headed over to the Beauty and the Beast stage show. This was a very nice show and it was also the moment when my wife turned to me and said that the show really put her in the Disney spirit of things. Cool.
Following the show we visited the Walt Disney exhibit and also dropped into the Animation studio. The animation studio has changed drastically. Hello Disney, I miss Robin Williams and Walter Cronkite here. But mostly I miss seeing the animators here. This used to be a place where you could get a sneak peak on an upcoming release. Perhaps even something that was a couple years from hitting the screen even. But sadly no more. Upon exiting the Animation studio we ran into this incredible duo.

Next was lunch at the 50's Primetime cafe. Here, we were reunited with our long lost Brother Robert and our cousin Ted. Strange how my wife and I have the same relations...
This was quite possible my favorite meal on property. I had the Roast Beef Platter. Two thumbs up!
Following lunch we headed off toward the Lights, Motor, Action Extreme Stunt show. On the way there we ran into Rae and E. They were heading toward podfest. We went ahead and followed them and got to visit with them a little bit and listen to Lou introduce many of the podcasters in attendance. I finally got to see Earl from "Trapped on Vacation" Now Earl's show is a little different while his does quite a bit of binaural Disney audio he also records at other Florida locations. His sense of humor is a little different from some of the other podcasters as well. I think he is a lot of fun to listen to. After a little while I spoke with Rae and said we would meet up again at the Rockin Mouse Meet. We then when back to the Stunt show.
Wow what a show! This was a clear example of how Disney shines with a well produced show. Lots of great action and the show that went along with it was nicely done too.
There was even a special appearance from Herbie the Love Bug. Herbie has been a favorite of mine since childhood. It was the first movie I ever saw in a theater. My Grandparents took me to it. Ahh memories...

Now it was time to head over to the big event the Rockin Mouse Meet over at Aerosmiths Rockin Rollercoaster. This would be Jonathans (and our) first ride on this attraction. Jonathan really hammed it up all the way through the queue. Even now I am uncertain how nervous he truely was and how much of it was for show. (Care to comment Jonathan?) Anyway he kept us all entertained before and after the ride. The ride itself was awesome. The ride photo of Bryan and Jonathan was priceless. I am sure Bryan will post it in the All About the Mouse show notes soon. It would not surprise me if Jonathan posted it on his blog either.

Following this Rockin meets we all headed over to see the Osbourne Family Specticle of Holiday Lights. Again another thing at Disney that just blew me away. Especially when music such as the Trans Siberian Orchestra would come on and the lights would move to the music.

Finally the evening had to come to a close. I spoke with Rae and E about the "Team Voice" meet the next day. They had very kindly offered to pick me up from my resort so that we could all get a walk or jog in together during this trip. This was planned to help support each other as we look forward to reaching health goals and participating in the 09' half marathon here at Walt Disney World.

More on that in the next report...


Joggerblogger said...

Sounds like you had a great time :-) Rae and E are cool.

DebWDW said...

Thanks for putting up the R&RC photo! I was able to show my husband some of the AATM gang!