Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tonights Episode...

I watched another DVD in my Charlie Chan collection tonight. It's interesting to see how the detective genre has changed over the the years. These older films always conclude with all the suspects gathered together in the same room. The detective (Chan in this case) will begin to unravel the mystery by exposing clues that mislead the viewer toward a certain suspect, only to reveal new facts that point to another suspect. At some point there is a confession and often the criminal will make a break for it. It tonights film the murderer confessed and then jumped from a window in an effort to escape. While running into the street he was struck by an automoblie. Ah sweet justice. Parts of these old films are predictable and the jokes are pretty corny, but that makes them even more fun.

BK: 5pts. The usual
LN: 6pts. SmartOnes Tuna something or other. Pretty good.
DN: 3pts. SmartOnes Shrimp Marinara
SN: 6pts. Cashew snack mix. 2 ozs.
EX: 4.82 miles 72 min walking on (as joggerblogger put it) the dreadmill.

Is everyone getting ready to kick off the new year? We all need to make the most of the next 12 months.

To quote Jonathan: Mainstreet Awaits!!!

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