Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back to basics

For you Jonathan, a giraffe as seen on the Kilamanjaro Safari. We saw five.

Well, I did make it outside for some exercise tonight. Jogging went well considering the sidewalk conditions. I managed 3.1 in 35 minutes followed by a short cool down. I had intented to stay out longer but while I was cooling down I slipped coming off a curb. I didn't fall, but in correcting for it I decided to play it safe and call it a night.

BK: 5 pts Raisin Bran w/skim milk
LN: 6 pts SmartOnes Spagetti
DN: 9 pts. Grilled Cheese burger w/grilled veggies.
SN: 3 cashew snack mix. 1 oz.
EX: 3.41 miles 41 min.

Final trip report.

After breakfast at the World premier cafe we walked around the rest of the property at ALL Star Movies and took some pictures.

Yes!!! It's Herbie.

Soon it was time to prepare to catch Magical Express back to the Airport. I had read the Magic Express instructions to say meet the bus at 10:15am. So I assumed it was ok to bring our luggage down around 9:45. They acted a bit surprised that I had not brought it earlier. As it turned out everything was ok and our bags could still make the correct flight. So next time I will remember to check bags earlier.

Express to MCO was a nice ride and our flight to Atlanta was on time. We had a 2 hour delay boarding our connection to Des Moines. We were told that there had been an issue with the A/C on the plane.

This would be the first time I flew in the dark. I though it was cool. At least as long as I could see the street lights below. I admit to being a little uncomfortable when we went above the clouds and everything went dark.

As we approached DSM we could see all the snow below us. When we left Orlando it had been 80 degrees. We were welcomed back to the snowy tundra with a temp of ...... We had parked in economy because the enclosed parking was full earlier in the week. I had a tricky time getting out of the parking lot. My car kept slidding toward the vehicle next to mine. After getting some help from a parking lot plow driver we managed to get out. (a little sand goes a long way)

Now go back up and look at Herbie again. This picture was taken just hours later in the day.

I can't wait to get back to Orlando. We had a blast and this was the best time of year to come down. Next time I want to bring the whole family. I would really like to bring them all down for Mickey's very merry some year. We'll see. The 09 half comes first. Unless I can pursuade my wife into believing I need to come down early to get acclimated to the weather. (Hey it could happen. It never hurts to dream.)

Catch you all next time...

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Joggerblogger said...

:-) Herbie is cool - always loved the little dude, we owned a 58 beetle.