Thursday, December 13, 2007

Disney At Christmas

You really have to be here to enjoy this view.

Breakfast: 5 pts. Raisin Bran w/skim milk
Dinner: 9 pts. Grilled burger with loads of veggies.
Exercise: More work on the driveway and sidewalks today. Fun, Fun, Fun

Trip Report 2

Headed out to Animal Kingdom to catch Expedition Everest. We rode it twice in a row.
My wife really enjoyed this ride. She was giggling like a little kid. That was so cool.
Next we did the Kilaminjaro Safari. Lots of Animals out on this mornings trip.
After a little shopping we hopped on the bus to eat lunch at the Whispering Canyon Cafe over at Wilderness Lodge.
This place was a lot of fun and the food was good. Our server MT was a real hoot. She and another server really had a wonderful time picking on the couple next to us. It seems that the gal sitting at that table was Disney cast member and they kept trying to make her sing for all of us.
After we got home I realized MT's name was a joke when I looked closer at the receipt. Our servers name was MT Wallet. haha.
Following lunch we took the time to explore the lodge and then we decided to take the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom.

The ferry ride was nice. We had never used Disney's water transportation before. Upon arriving at the Magic Kingdom we rode Pirates of the Carribean. It was here that I bought my first Disney lanyard pins. Next we checked out the Haunted Mansion. The renovations here we really neat. Unfortunitly the ride stopped twice while we were on it. (Those darn playful spooks)

Then it was time for Doc Scopa's Magical Elixer Meet. While walking up to Aloha Isle I spotted Jonathan and Amber right away. After ordering a Dole Whip Float I went over and finally introduced myself to Jonathan. It was nice to finally meet him. This is were I first met Meg and Lou too. After chatting for a bit the Dole whip crowd began to disperse and we all went off in different directions to enjoy the day with friends and spouses.

We grabbed fast passes to Splash Mountain and then crossed the park to do Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear. My wife totally crushed my score as she took down the evil emporer Zurg.

We tried Haunted again and it broke down right after we exited the streaching room. We decided to hit Splash Mountain. It's funny I don't remember getting wet on this ride before. We got soaked. Happily we had some additional clothes in our backpack.

At seven it was time to see "Mickeys Twas the Night Before Christmas" This was a lot of fun and it was the first time I got to see the new Mickey mask with the moving mouth and eyes. Then it was off to Fantasyland for Philarmagic and Peter Pan. Then off to Frontierland were we rode Big Thunder twice without leaving the train. Next we watched Holiday Wishes. Following wishes we walked toward Tomorrowland as I was hoping to spot Bryan and his wife Amy in MouseFest crowd that was gathered near there. We actually saw them coming up the pathway as we approached. We joined them in watching a stage show over at Cinderellas castle and then we all went over to meet Jonathan and Amber to watch the Christmas Parade. After the parade we hung out a bit longer. Around 11:15 my wife and I said goodniight to everyone and attemped the Haunted Mansion one more time. Yea!! no break downs. To finish the evening we listened to some carolers in Liberty Square and then slowly made our way towards the front gates.

Next Post Disney MGM...

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