Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I am Not a Guitar Hero

So one of the gifts to our Family this morning was Guitar Hero III.
This is an entertaining game, but let me state for the record I stink at it. Even in easy mode. lol.
However, I know that with practice I will get better and the game will become even more fun.

Kind of like how if I reclaim my focus and get back on track, exercising will be fun again and not seem like such a chore.

I am very guilty of not putting the time in these past couple weeks. I just stuggle with getting on that darn treadmill. I just can't stand it. To be outside would be a grand thing.

Tonight my daughter and I did go out for a walk. 2.9 miles in 62 min. A bit slow but we were trying to be cautious with the ice and all. I was surprised to see a guy out jogging with his dog tonight. It got me thinking about how many excuses I have been using to convince myself lately that getting outside this time of year was just not something I felt comfortable doing.

But inside I want to be out there. So what's wrong with me?

Do I want to continue getting in shape? Yes!
Do I want to improve my stamina as Dam to Dam 08 approaches? Yes!
Do I want to keep up the work needed to prepare for the 09 half in WDW? Yes!
Do I want to use this blog for it's original intent? Yes!
Do I want to let those of you who have supported me down? No Way!

I can't undo the past couple weeks. But I can say, that although I am happy the New Year is approaching. I do not have to wait another week to get back on track. That starts right now.
Tomorrow I will return to posting meals. My intent with exercise is at a minimum, to put in an at least a hour a day six days a week. While walking tonight I saw enough clear sidewalks that I could feel comfortable getting out and wogging. So I need to be doing that.

Please everyone hold me to this. If you happen to be following my blog and would like offer any comments but perhaps you don't have a goggle account. Please feel free to e-mail me directly at caballerofan@mchsi.com If you are new to this blog please say hello. Also be sure to stop by the blogs of my friends listed in the right hand column and say hello there too.


mgreene said...

I like your comment about "not having to wait a week (until the first of the year)". Those who wait until New Years are usually doomed to failure as it's just a means of procrastination. I mean, all they're really doing is just giving themselves a little more time to slack off when they could be starting today. If they really wanted to change things, why would they want to wait? So they could gorge themselves a little more? So they could not exercise a few more days? Carpe Diem!

Rae! said...

Hey I have no we have been making up excuses too.Here we are in Virginia and we haven't made it out the door to extra walking.other than we have been busy since we have been here and walking nearly 6 miles at the mountains and it is pouring right now.

So we will be back on trqaack as soon as we get home.

Biblioadonis aka George said...

I agree with you. Riding that recumbent bike drives me nuts! Even with a DVD or a video game in front of me, I don't like doing it.

But I want to get down to my actual fighting weight of 190, so I am right there with you!

Keep moving forward!