Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Be sure to look closely at my custom jet. Traveling in style.
Ok, this is the third week I have been at 204. Why is that?
I know why. The past two days have been poor on food.
Yesterday, I could not stay out of the Cashews and Almonds. Trying to pass the time faster yesterday I guess. Anyway a major mistake and I know it.
Plus nursing the foot for two days. It feels much better today.
Ok, here are a couple comments before signing off till 12/12.
First: Rae, I agree lets all strive to maintain this month. I know where you are coming from.
So during December, Maintain-Don't Gain-Work through the Pain. (Don't risk injury though)
Second: Bryan, Congratulations on a wonderful 13 mile run with a great pace of 2hr 7min.
That's awesome and inspiring. Keep at it.
Third: Jonathan, Dude you invaded my dreams this morning. It was actually funny. We meet for the first time and decided to head over to a McDonalds. We ordered combo meals then sat down and had a nice talk while enjoy our diet cokes. Then we threw away the fries and sandwiches and hit the parks.
Well I'm going to finish packing now. See many of you soon.
Mainstreet and MouseFest Await...

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Anonymous said...

Love that picture. :-)

It was great to meet you and your wife at MouseFest.

I hope that you both had a mouser-rific time.