Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blogging and the Holidays

I have given up on posting each day. At least that is, until the first of the year. We simply have too much going on. So I will post as often as possible. Tonight I decided that the weather was decent enough to at least walk outside. 19 degrees and no wind. I quickly confirmed that, yes indeed many people have not cleared their sidewalks. Our city is guilty too. I managed to be cautious and keep an average pace around 16.

Yesterdays meals.
BK: 5 pts. Same thing different day. I know I’m boring.
LN: 9 pts. Subway 6” Turkey on wheat. All the veggies w/mustard. Sun Chips
DN: 6 pts. SmartOnes. Brocolli w/cheesy potatos.
SN: 4 pts. Almonds single serve package.
EX: None

BK: 5 pts. Yep, you guessed it. But it’s a daily staple.
LN: 8 pts. Blackened chicken sandwich.
DN: 6 pts. SmartOnes Brocolli Chicken with pasta
3pts. SmartOnes Shrimp with pasta. (I was still hungry and its better than eating fudge)
Yeah I know, I'd rather have the fudge too.
EX: 4.88 miles 78 min

Trip report # 5

Breakfast was at the Grand Floridian Café and was very good. Oh and I have to mention the Gingerbread house in the lobby. This was huge. It was actually a working store at which you could purchase your own ginger bread treats. After we returned home I learned on the Food Channel that some of the gingerbread for the house had been baked as early as August. After enjoying the smell we eventually boarded the Monorail and headed over to the Magic Kingdom and began hitting the attractions again. We started in Adventureland and ran into these rascally characters.

Then we headed over to Frontierland. While there Rae called and we met up with her and E. They had another surprise for me. A Herbie the Love Bug pin. I had missed a chance at purchasing one earlier in the park. Rae made a trade (with a castmember I believe) and found a different version of the pin. This one has a more nostalgic look and is really cool. Herbie was the first Disney film I ever saw in a theater. My Grandparents took me to see it. I can still picture sitting with them in the theater.
So Rae, this pin is special to me because I will not only be thinking about this trip when I look at it, I will also think about my Grandparents too. So cool, Thank you.

E and I grabbed a Dole Whip in Adventureland and then we began walking over to Lou Mongello’s TrivaFest meet. Lou is an amazingly nice guy and he has a wonderful sense of humor about him. He led a few games of Disney Trivia and gave out some prizes.
Byron was the first winner and won an Ipod. Congratulations Byron nicely done.
Jonathan even won a round of trivia as well. So cool to see fellow bloggers do so well.

After this, Rae and E were heading home so we said our goodbyes (and our we’ll see you in 09’s) My wife and I hit Tomorrowland where I failed to redeem myself at Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters. Then we took in Stitches Great Escape. I am not certain why so many people give this attraction such a bad rap. I thought it was much more fun than Alien Encounter. Perhaps it simply comes down to the fact that a Disney character is a better fit than a scary alien running loose and frightening children. Even with Stitch, when the room went dark, many kids were crying. And would somebody give Stitch a breath mint, please?

After this we headed over to Epcot. We wanted to catch Steven Curtis Chapman and the Candlelight Processional.
We arrived at Epcot and found that Spaceship Earth was once again open so of course we had to ride it again. We then enjoyed some of WorldShowcase and lined up for the show.
We just missed getting into the first of three performances. But that was ok because with it being darker during our show the candles stood out more.

The show has a full orchestra and has choir members from not only local schools and churches but from around the country too.
The auditorium is an outdoor amphitheater and seats over a thousand people. The show runs from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas. With three shows daily over 90,000 people will see this performance and hear the Christmas story. Every few days a new celebrity reader headlines the event.

Afterward we visited Norway and rode Maelstrom. It was closed during our last visit so I wanted to ride it. We felt this ride was a bit lame. Some animatronics where not working properly and even if they had been “Lesters Possum Park” would have been more fun. (if you’ve seen A Goofy Movie you’ll get the joke).
Next we hopped over to MGM because they had late hours. This was somewhat of a bust because after waiting in line for RnRC the attraction broke down just as we were next to board. (glad this did not happen to Jonathan the other day).
Eventually they handed out Re-Entry Passes which could be used for a later date.
After exiting we had just enough time to ride Tower Of Terror which was fun to do at night. After riding it once, the park was closing and the Hollywood Tower Hotel had closed it's gates.

One more day to go. Post soon…


Rae! said...

I am so glad to have found the pin.And I am happy you like it. :) I understand how hard it is right now with the holidays no guff from my end.
Next year is coming......

Joggerblogger said...

Cool trip report :-D sounds like a great time.