Sunday, April 20, 2008

An Updated Chart and Another Nice Run

I decided to update my Donald Duck chart by adding the minimun time allowances not to get swept. Hope you guys find it useful.

Larry and I finally got together this afternoon and did a nice run around Des Moines Grays Lake.

The course around the lake is just under two miles. We did 4 1/2 laps for 9.03 miles in 98 minutes. I was quite happy with that, especially after having said hello to our pal Donald the night before. Larry brought along a gel pac for me to try. We took them before the run and washed them down with water. And for those of you wondering, we ran without Ipods. It really was not a bother at all. Larry and I conversed during the run, but kept it light. The temp this afternoon was 66F.

After the run, I came home and enjoyed a night chicken sandwich. I found myself thinking about the folks that participate in the Goofy Challenge. I just don't know how they can do that. For anyone who doesn't know what I mean. The Goofy Challenge is a half marathon followed by a full the next day, during Disney's marathon weekend.
My hats off to those who are able to do that.

Larry and I are planning to meet again for a 10 mile jog in two weeks. Thanks for meeting up with me today Larry, it was great having someone else to run with.

But for now...


Craig Wheeler said...

Great job on your runs!

Rae! said...

Awesome run!!!
As the updated chart I did between the Louie and Daisy the other night. Cool.

Basil said...

I stole your chart and posted it on my blog so I can use it as a quick reference guide.

MikeF. said...

Like the new chart. Great job on the run. I tried running for the first time w/o my ipod and had no trouble. I guess I really do like running huh?