Sunday, April 6, 2008

Home Improvement With Debra Burke

This weekend we decided to clean up our garage, and also to see if we can improve storage space. So while painting today I finally had time to enjoy AATM #51. Our very own Deb Burke was on the show talking about her experience with the DVC. When I downloaded the show on Friday I questioned the shows length. 40 minutes it said, but the show notes said the guys were skipping the AATM roll call this week so I thought ok its going to be a shorter show.
Well today while listening, and with only 10 minutes left in the show, they had just introduced Deb, and I knew something was wrong. I mean certainly they were going talk longer than that. So I'm listening and Deb's doing a great job and then silence. So I dropped my paint brush and came inside and looked up the show. The length should have been 114 minutes. So I replaced the show version I had, and finished the show. Deb you helped make the time spent painting today much more enjoyable. Nicely done. Now the question is, what should I listen to when applying the remaining coats?

I am wondering if I downloaded the show while Bryan was uploading. ??? Who knows.

No run yesterday, Larry and I did not get together. But we will soon. Actually my legs were sore from Fridays outing so I was not too upset. Then today when I should have reclaimed some mileage, I have been working out in the garage. So it looks like tomorrow could be another Double Bubble day. I need to get this train on track and keep it there. I can't let anything like this happen.


Rae! said...

Holy CATS!! I sure know the feeling though. I drove my car for the first time in Months!!
Well good job for staying on track!!!

Basil said...

I'm sure someone had a lot of explaining to do after that little accident. They're probably still filling out all the paperwork!!

DebWDW said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Good luck with the next round. Is spring in your future anytime soon?

MikeF. said...

Jeff got the email. I replied to it with my info.