Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How do you like your Kool Aid?

Being that tonight is a recovery night,(although I did go to SNAP) I felt like trying to be a bit creative. One of the many comments Disney fans often hear is related to Kool Aid. You know that childhood drink, our moms always made for us. (I alway's liked lime) The jury is still out on how it was any better for us than soda pop though. My mom made it nearly every day during the summer months.

So what exactly is Kool Aid? Simply put, its a flavored power that you mix with sugar and 2 quarts of water. Who am I kidding you guys know this product. Less water means a stronger flavor, and of course more means a weaker flavor. The sugar gives it sweetness.

Have you ever been accused of drinking the Disney Kool Aid? The basic inference here would be that if you are a Disney Kool Aid drinker, you must be a true fanatic whose veins are full of the stuff. You live and breath Disney. I find it amusing, how I as a fan of Disney have been accused of drinking more than my fair share. Around my house you would think I never put my cup down. Which in my opinon isn't true.

Sorry to break this to you guys but there is more to life than Disney. I may like my Disney Kool Aid a little stronger than some, but at least there is some water in the mix. For me I would say that instead of 2 quarts of water I would use 1 1/4 quarts.

I truly love Disney but my vision is keen enough to realized that not everything they do is "golden". But this is not as place to express my feelings on the few things I wish Disney would do. Rather, I would like to pose the question to you. How much water would be in your own personal mix? Your answers can be anywhere from "I just open the packet and swallow" to how many quarts of water you add. For the purpose of the question lets consider 2 quarts as the standard baseline. To me a 2 quarter is a person who enjoys and appreciates the parks, would must likely visit again, and is close to "getting it" they way many of us do.

I am glad you guys liked the new chart I put up yesterday. Thanks Heath for putting it up in your side bar. I liked the idea so much, I have placed it in mine. Hope you all like todays pictures.


Craig Wheeler said...

So, Jeff...what prompted this post? Was something said to you?

I am probably a 1 qt or less person. I have been totally absorbed in reading/studying Disney history in the past year -- mostly the parks, but a little bit of everything. Although I must say that I am not what some would call a Defender of Mediocracy. I do recognize that the company does occasionally do things poorly. Nobody is perfect. Tomorrowland pretty much sucked when Disneyland opened in 1955...so even Walt wasn't always perfect.

caballerofan said...


No real reason for throwing this out there, other than it is a phrase that is heard from time to time throughout Disney fandom.

I Just thought it might be an interesting discussion. Thanks for your thoughts. I hope many more will offer their comments.

Rae! said...

First I grew up drinking kool aid. I even have the Kool aid man pitcher and cups.Grape was my favorite.
I have had Disney in my life.There was a time frame I was unable to be apart of the magic.Then I was able to find my way back.
Right now all I do is eat ,breathe, sleep Disney.
So I would say I do not put my cup down ever.My 2 quart jug is always full,and I am willing to share all the time.
When I grow up I plan on becoming a CM. :)

MikeF. said...

I take Disney for what it is. They will make your vacation as magical as possible for a hefty price. My first experience with Disney is when I did the college program. I had horrible managers. Only one truely cared about the castmembers as much as the guests. I know that most of the managers in the other lands and parks are top notch, but i got stuck with the bad. So my view of how Disney treats employees is scewed.

As a guest I just love Disney because of how I am treated. It's one of the reasons I became a DVC member. Although I know when Disney does something bad that is completely money driven. ie: The original Journey into Imagination. And not even care about the back lash. Some I realize is because when a certain CEO doesn't like something he got rid of it no matter how popular something was with guests. One of the first things I leanred while working at Disney is that "Disney World is there to make money", But it's how they do it that sets them apart.

I could go on and on, but I will leave you with this. As much as we love/hate Disney what would your life be like if it was not around?

Basil said...

Great topic Jeff!!

I used to think my Kool Aid was pretty strong, until I heard about people like Bryan, Jonathan, Lou, etc. I'm pretty sure those guys are snorting lines of Kool Aid off their I-pod screens.

I would characterize myself as a 1 quart of water kind of guy. Now that's some strong Kool Aid, but you're not gonna puke it up right after drinking it.

As most have noted before me, I know Disney makes some mistakes. I just choose to ignore those and focus on what they do that I really enjoy.

DebWDW said...

I live on the Kool-Aid, but I am not blind to Disney's imperfections. I just choose to focus on all the good stuff, the fun stuff, and the magic that's available to me.

caballerofan said...

Great comments everyone.

You know I think I may be in denial when I say I am a 1 1/4 quarter. Based on what I am reading here, a reassement would place me more between 1/4 to 1/2 of a quart.

Again, some great thoughts here. Keep them coming.

Rae! said...

Mike I understand what you are saying too. That is what they do, to make money.
Every job has that one person who you ,me or anyone just can't stand.
But the magic they create for all of there .... they are the best in taking away the real world.
And I don't care who you are we all need a little magic in our life now and then.

Matt said...

Just remember that Disney is a corporation whose goal is to make money. I still believe that they, for the most part, keep Walt's goals and wishes in mind, but that doesn't mean that they don't mess up from time to time.

On a side note, you guys do know where the phrase "Kool-Aid Drinker" comes from right? That's why I don't consider myself a Disney Kool-Aid Drinker. It's just kind of creepy!


caballerofan said...


I did not intend to imply that Disney Kool Aid drinkers were taking a trip to Guyanaland.

I was truly just interested in how far everyone love/interest in Disney really ran.

One thing for sure is that being part of this community (Team Voice) is that it brings another level of fun to the whole experience. Thanks for sharing.

Matt said...

Oh I wasn't saying that you said that, I was talking about the "Kool Aid" point in general. I know what you ment, I should have clarify what I ment. Sorry!

caballerofan said...


Understood your thoughts clearly. No need to apologize.