Sunday, April 13, 2008

Meet Sophie

Sophie meet snow.

Sophie says thanks alot JB.

Well I managed another 10 miles tonight. The first few miles were grueling though. I am certain I am under hydrated. My water intake has been poor over the past few days and I have been active all day in the garage. One more coat of paint on the one side. Just gotta love how unpainted drywall sucks up paint. When I'm done my 2 car garage will have soaked up 2 gallons of primer and 5 gallons of paint. (That includes the ceiling)

I will make the effort to do better on the water. The next two weeks I am on regular 8-5 hours. This should help my routine. Larry and I are going to try to meet up next Sunday. He called me last week and we discussed where each of us our in are training, and what our expectations are for Dam to Dam this year.

Oh and I wanted to throw a question out to those of you who regularly run longer distances. I seem to feel drained around mile 8. Its not that I can't go on, its just a loss of energy. Should I be looking into gel packs? Is there a certain type of food that might be beneficial at some point during the day when I am planning a longer run?


Joggerblogger said...

She is one cute little puppy :-) hope the spring comes soon for you guys - looks like it's nearly here for us (snowed yesterday a little).

Ps - I'm not recommending the Fri/Sat experiment to anyone ;-)... not something I'll be repeating again soon...

DebWDW said...

She's a cutie, but she looks so cold!! Get her a doggie jacket!!

Joggerblogger said...

Mile 8 being tired... I'm not good with the Gels (they make me sick) If I'm racing I like to have an energy drink about 30 minutes before and then maybe around mile 6... also jelly beans are good :-)

DebWDW said...

Are you drinking something along the way? For that long of a distance, I would think you should take a few sips of Gatorade or something like that at least every two miles.

On the treadmill during my weekly run, I take three sips of Vitaminwater at every mile, to simulate stopping by the water stations in the race.

The B vitamins in a sports drink might give you the extra boost you need along the way to keep your energy level up.