Friday, April 11, 2008

There Was A Spark Out Of Jacksonville

Well It's official, this mornings download marks the one year anniversary of All About The Mouse. I have been a fan of the show from the very beginning. The show has changed a bit from Bryan's first few episodes, but even back then I could tell something was different about this show. I first learned about AATM through Jonathan, back when he originally announced that he would be appearing on the show to do a round table discussion about training for the Disney marathons. I checked out the show and found that Bryan had only recently started the podcast. I was hooked right away because he did shows on topics that I was not hearing anywhere else. Bryan's Segway tour and the Dolphin Experience are just two examples. I was the first (and possibly the only one at the time) to write into Bryan's original forum page and told him my thoughts on his new show. Does anyone remember the old forum?

The AATM faithful will recall that Jonathan made a number of appearances on the early shows, including a wonderful show on Disney honeymoons. Not long after that the show took on a new life(and additional minutes)as Bryan welcomed Jonathan as a co-host on the show. The guys have a chemistry that fits the show very well.

I must say that of the several Disney podcasts which I somehow find my way through each week, it is the attention paid to the listener fanbase of the show that greatly pleases me each week. It is a wonderful interaction. Listeners even get to be on the show. How cool is that? The "What If" shows are a lot of fun and speaking to that topic, what if AATM was indeed made into a musical?

Can you imagine that? It would most likely have two sequels and those might be followed up by a movie.

What does the future hold for All About The Mouse? Only Bryan, Jonathan, and well you guys, can answer that.

Bryan and Jonathan thank you for a great year and may you have many more. You are both wonderful people whom I am happy to have met during Mousefest '07. Thank you also for allowing me to be a small of the Magic and Mayhem by doing the occasional intro.

To you I raise my glass and shout out a hearty "Scopa! and Kungaloosh!"


Anonymous said...


You asbolutely rock, my friend.

Your intros are legendary, and far better than even I could have ever done.

Your friendship and unwavering support never cease to amaze me.

If AATM is as good as you say, it's only because of YOU and the AATMouskateers.


DebWDW said...

Fabulous sentiments Jeff!! You expressed everything I could not, even if I spent a hundred hours trying to put it down on paper!

I really think you should copy and paste the comments into the forum too.

caballerofan said...


Done Deal.

Rae! said...

Bravo Jeff!! Yes I remember Byran's first few shows and I do remember the first forum,I didn't post much But I do remember.

MikeF. said...


Amen brother. That's it. Peace

Craig Wheeler said...

I've been listening since about episode two. I really like what these guys have done so far. Great post.