Monday, April 14, 2008

Holy Cats!!!

I'm was sore this morning. But two advil and several glasses of water later I was feeling just fine.

I may try the sports drink idea before a run. I think a straight out energy drink might cause me to crash later into the run. I have a holster style belt for carrying a water bottle that I used back in '06. I never liked it though, it always felt awkward hanging off of one hip. So I have not been carrying water on my runs. Has anyone out there tried a camel pack? I have seen these in many shapes and sizes. It is not something I would want to wear to an event, but for training it might be nice.

On target again tonight with the SNAP training. That continues to go well. I think next trip, I will work on adding an extra set of reps to each station.

I will catch up on some of your blogs tomorrow. For now good-night...


DebWDW said...

You are my Photoshop idol!

Rae! said...

Love the Kitty. No Holy Cats!! lol :)

I like using the acclerade. It has protein in it. I drink one before and after. But lately we have been drinking the G2. less sugar and calories. I carry water,well E does. I just do not perform well with a pack. For the Minnie I plan on having oatmeal and a banana, glass oj, then make a protein shake and carry it with me to the line up and drink it there. This is what has been working for me.

caballerofan said...

Sorry Deb, I enjoy photoshop but I can not take credit for the photo. I just found it on-line under a search for "Holy Cats" This pic had something to do with easter.