Friday, April 25, 2008

The Original Splash Mountain

Did you know that while testing Splash Mountain live animals were sent down the log flumes? Here's proof.

Of course these are the early prototype logs. As you can see, they have not been hollowed out yet.

Here we see imagineers hard at work in the animal training area.

After hours of work the animal protection agency made certain that each animal was properly fed.

Ok I'll stop joking around. Now that you've seen these pictures who can answer the following questions without using Google?

1. Who is this cat?
2. What movie was he featured in?
3. What county is the film set in?
4. How is this cat being fed?
5. Bonus Question. Who narrated this film.

On the training front I have decided to take this evening off from SNAP and get some rest. My ankle is feeling ok, but I did do something to my foot last night. I have some discomfort through my left arch. It feels like the muscles there have been over stretched. Tomorrows exercise will be determined by how it feels. If it is still as sore as today I might hold off on jogging for an extra day or two. Perhaps using the elipticle would be a good choice for a couple workouts. At least that would not be impactful. Oh well, tomorrow will tell.


Matt said...

Ok, You got me! I thought you were serious about this being the prototype for Splash Mountain. But only for a minute. Haha! I'm slow sometimes.

Those are excellent questions. Too bad I have no idea what the answers are!

MikeF. said...

Have no clue on the questions. Loved the show opener. I truely believe it was your best yet. How you made it sound like that was fantastic! That's why you are the Show opening master!

Anonymous said...

I adore that post, Jeff.

You are TRULY talented both as an intro guy and a funny guy - and did I mention a great friend? :)