Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whom would you choose?

You've just been granted the chance to be on the Biggest Loser. You find out that you can choose either Bob or Jillian as your trainer. Whom do you choose?

The Biggest Loser is one of my favorite programs on television today. Over the course of each season we get just a glimpse into the many lives that are changed while staying at “The Ranch” The weight loss on the show is astounding but that alone would not be enough to keep me coming back each week, nor would the various contests. For me there is something special about witnessing another person’s life transform, to see joy on another’s face when they achieve a goal. For most of the contestants it appears they are indeed in it for the long haul of a lifestyle change.

We have to keep that word contestant in perspective because in the eyes of NBC that is what they are. In my eyes, and I think I rightfully state in the eyes of Bob and Jillian we see people who want more that the game out of this. At least most of them do. These trainers are passionate about what they do. They are very different in their methods. At least that is the impression we are left with when we look through the lens of broadcast editing. Jillian is clearly painted to be the bad cop to Bob’s good cop. When watching her in the gym pushing each person you get the sense that she could just snap at any moment.

Last night I think she should have snapped on Amy’s ass when she was being so smug on the treadmill about not having done her workout homework. Amy (purple team) was grinning at her and even blew a kiss at Jillian when she was kicked out of the gym. With an attitude like that I hope Amy goes home tonight.

On the other hand you have a contestant like Jerry (yellow team) who was facing major health issues. He left the show and has lost an amazing 70lbs. He was inspired to live healthier by the love of his daughter and when he was dismissed from the show he went out and got his own trainer. Two Thumbs up for you Jerry and your daughter Coleen. It is because of stories like yours that I watch.

Now back to the trainers. There is no doubt in my mind that Bob is as tough of a trainer as Jillian. Given their individual styles I think I would have better results with Bob.

I generally welcome criticism because if it is warranted and I am receptive I can grow stronger and become a better person for it. But if you berate me and try to tear me down so that you can “build me back up” I’m going to tune you out. I won’t be a smug prick like Amy. I’ll just move on with my life and I won’t have anything to do with you.

As members of Team Voice we are really on our own to see our daily goals through. The online support is wonderful, but I really wish we lived closer to one another and Disney. (ok I had to throw that last bit in)

Even though I would choose Bob, I want to say in Jillian’s defense that I think her apparent frustration comes from knowing that we each have much more potential than we give ourselves credit for. I think it blows her mind that others don’t see potential within themselves. Regardless of whom you might choose for your trainer none of you should ever sell yourselves short. What an amazing year we have had. Our quest is not over. Mainstreet and Spaceship Earth are only a few short months away. I for one am proud of each and every one of you.

And Everyone said Pride On 3.

1, 2, 3,


Update 10/8/08 A shout out to Amy for realizing the mistake she made and for eating crow and coming back. Now Amy prove yourself to you and Jillian.


Craig Wheeler said...

I think Bob's style would suit me better. But there's just something about Jillian that would make me consider her, too ;)

Matt said...

I don't really know as I don't watch the Biggest Loser. I do know that there is one trainer that used to be on there that is a total [unpleasant individual], so if that's Jillian I would have to go with Bob.

Rae! said...

Because she would push to the brink of death, and After it was all over I would thank her.And she also works on how to rethink on what you're eating and why.
This group she has now are very lazy.

MikeF. said...

I would have to choose Bob. I know Jillian gets results, but I know I would butt heads with her style.

sambycat said...

ok. definitely jillian. and she's hot! i cannot believe you guys wouldn't just kinda want to look at her.... i would kill for her body.

but apparnetly not stop eating and get off my ass.....

DebWDW said...

Bob for me -- I'm sure Jillian would make me cry on the first day!

MikeF. said...

Well Lisa I would not mind looking at her as I work out, but from a distance so I can not hear her voice. I know I'm bad.

Joggerblogger said...

Bob - just because I'm freaked out after twin peaks with that name.

As regards stepping out on our own each day - that's when you make the real difference, the support from everyone is great but only YOU can put in the miles. The same as if you want/need to eat junk...only you. I love reading how everyone is doing and it's awesome the progress everyone has made - keep it up team.

I wished I lived nearer the parks - Can't wait for this trip, and really really really wished we could meet you all. Have a cheeky drink at Epcot for me :-)

Chris said...

I'd have to agree with Sambycat....Thank you Maam may I have another! lol!

Haven't watched the show though, but the commercials are riveting! mabye I'll Tivo an episode to check it out.

Rae! said...

I gave you the wrong blog the LOU comment is over on Mike's!!!! The one tittled Mongello. That's where Lou wrote he sign up!!!

Jeff said...

I don't beleive that says Lou signed up for the full marathon. I think he was just refering to the marathon weekend and telling Mike that signing up itself is a big step.