Saturday, October 11, 2008

Can You Feel It?

Ok raise your hand if you’re getting excited!

I have to admit that over the past couple of months my excitement level was beginning to wane. I can’t explain it. Perhaps it has been because for a while now the Disney Marathon weekend seemed so far away. But I can feel the momentum beginning to grow. This morning during my run I listened to the second half of AATM # 79. Listening to Bryan, Jonathan, Lou, and Mike helped give me a real boost today. I am bummed to hear that Mike and Lou will not be running this year. However, Lou will be in Disney and has agreed to join Team Voice for the “We Go On” meet in Epcot. Episode # 79 was a nice round tale discussion. For other past discussions download episodes # 4 and #39. Listen to these and other episodes of All About The Mouse here.

Another great source that you will enjoy reading (especially so for us first timers) is a detailed post you will find over at Kate’s Thinking Spot about her 2008 half marathon experience.

I wanted to throw out an idea regarding the days leading up to marathon weekend. We will be arriving on Tuesday the 6th and staying at Pop Century. I would like to know if any of you are interested in doing an early morning light 5K jog on either Wednesday the 7th or Thursday the 8th. My only concern is with getting those interested, together. Like me I am sure a number of you will also be using Disney transportation and not renting a car. There is no direct resort to resort connection. Right now I am planning on running at least a short distance around POP just to get a bit acclimated to the Florida weather. Let me know if anyone is interested.

I have also done a bit of park hour research for my trip. Here are the hours including which park has extra magic hours each day. The color coding indicates which park I am planning to visit each day. Of course it all subject to change.


Rae! said...

The plan is Pop for me too. Sounds good. We are looking into that maybe I can come a couple days early. Not sure yet.
Will keep you posted. I haven't listen to the show yet.I am pumped!
This will be my first big race, as long as I can keep moving I will be doing the Disney races.
I am glad we all met and became friends. I am so proud of you making a come back from the Dam to Dam. I can not wait!!

MikeF. said...

I am up for the 8th since I will be arriving on the 7th. Great chatting with ya on skype today.

Anonymous said...

I will either arrive on Wed. or Thurs. I will probably have a car. If I arrive Wed. I would love to do a little run Thursday morning. If I have the car I would be happy to pick up others (up to 3 more will fit in car). I am staying at the Polynesian as of now but I may move to Saratoga Springs.

sambycat said...

i think i am getting in thursday late orning/early afternoon. i will definitely do something LIGHT on friday morning. i thought the run at AK was still open, but i was wrong! i will be at the contemporary (stalking jonathon and amber - shhhhhh! don't tell!)

i am getting excited too!!!!!


Chris said...

Love the spreadsheet :-)

Still haven't planned out what I'm actually going to do yet. It's almost like I have so much freedom without the family that I don't know what to do with myself! LOL Going to spend one entire day at the studios though, yep, I'm the weirdo that loves the studios...

Would like to get a run in with y'all prior, but will have to figure out the transportation thing. I'm going to be at the Beach Club.

Craig Wheeler said...

Would be fun, but not totally sure of our schedule yet. We are arriving on the 3rd, departing on the 13th, staying at Caribbean Beach. I am in a wedding on Thursday at noon. So thurs is likely out for me unless it was really early. Weds morning should likely be open. My trip schedule is crazy, so don't let me be a deciding factor in this planning. I will try to join in with whatever the group decides (and I will have a car).

DebWDW said...

Yep, I plan to do early morning light runs. I'll be at Boardwalk and will have a car, so I can haul some TVers over to Pop.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the interest everyone. It sounds like Thursday will work out best. We can work out the details through email and such as we get closer.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.