Sunday, October 5, 2008

Homecoming, Marching Band, And Our Next Virtual Run.

Well Friday was homecoming and we had an exciting game. We won 20-17. Both the Junior High and High School Bands preformed. The attached Jr High performance is from the game. Our high school kids performed one of the numbers they are doing in competition this year from "Wicked." Instead of recording this at homecoming with all the noise I recorded it Saturday at a local competition.

Jr Marching Mustangs - Wipeout

Marching Mustangs - Wicked

Stop over to the AATC. I have posted the details of our October Virtual Meet. All About The Corn I can hardly believe I was be leaving for Orlando in just 92 days. I will post more of my thoughts about that tomorrow or later in the week.

I am covering a co-workers shift this Sunday. If things are quiet I will have Skype open during the day. Be sure to log in and see if I'm online and say hello.


Matt said...

Ok... that is ironic! We (as in the band I'm in) did a few songs from Wicked last night.

Joggerblogger said...

Sweet! looking forward to the next race...that's going to be the last weekend I'll be running before heading out to Florida :-D (not that I'm counting like)