Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trick or Treat Pt. 4

Hey gang I received a report yesterday from Heath. It seems he managed to find himself a near permanent resident of the Twilight Zone. But he is back with us. I have updated the roster over on AATC and as a Team we are less than 3 miles from breaking 150 miles for the event. This means that once I receive confirmation from Craig regarding if Kristin ran we will be over that mark. I had extended the invite to Byron as well, but like Kristin I have not heard anything. Hopefully we will hear from one of them soon and break 150.

Disney’s Lonesome Ghosts


sambycat said...

i saw it. i was looking for something... more... obscure!

Chris said...

Dang, wish I knew! Otherwise I would have put in a couple of extra miles.