Friday, October 17, 2008

Sundays Coming

Made the trip down for packet pick up this afternoon. I am both anxious and excited about this race. I am familiar with the streets this course follows but I have only jogged around the larger lake area you see pictured on the map above. I have mixed feelings when I run unfamilar courses. The last time I ran a new course I became frustrated when having thought I'd gone 3 miles the garmin told me I had only traveled 2.

To help me through this event I will be using an ipod which is something I did not do at Dam and will not be doing at Disney. The official rules for this race state.

The IMT Des Moines Marathon is a USTAF sanctioned race and does adhere to the Rules of Competition as laid out by USATF. However, Rule 144.3(b) is intended to serve as a guideline for road races, allowing each event to determine how to interpret and enforce Rule 144.3(b).

You will not be disqualified or removed from the IMT Des Moines Marathon course for using a personal music device on race day. Please be extra cautious and mindful of the volume of your music and your presence on the course as it relates to athletes and spectators around you.

I have no problem with the concept of headphones and safety. I completly agree with the motives behind it. I still train with music and most likely always will. Over the past several months I have become comfortable keeping the volume at a lower level than I used to. If I happen to get out on the course and find they have some entertainment along the way I will turn mine off.

I still consider myself new to organized races. The only two I have done thus far were Dam '06 & '08. This race is different in that the Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon Relay will start together at 8:00 a.m. Perhaps this is typical but having so many thousand of people starting together is something I can hardly get my mind around. Walkers get a 1 hour early start at 7:00.

The cool weather will be a factor as the expected high for Sunday is 66F. That sounds nice but the morning will be very cool. I went out shopping for a long sleeved running shirt today just in case. Have I mentioned before that I hate the design method behind running clothes? I don't know if this affects women but I can tell you I am not a fan of the "athletic cut." I have never liked clothing that fits tight so I tried on xl shirts. They were fine across the torso but the arm length was ridiculously long. Finally I found a Large Champion brand shirt at Target that worked out fine.

After having attended this afternoons expo I feel myself looking forward to Sunday. I only wish it was tomorrow so I could get on with it.

This is a chipped event and I guess somewhere on the website they are suppose to be posting spits and finish times. My number is 6144 and the chip is 05800153cdad

Additional information about the Des Moines marathon can be found here.

I hope your elevator runs are all going well.


Joggerblogger said...

Hope it goes well - looking forward to reading all about it, just got in from my run...

Rae! said...

I think that was part of my problem was I didn't know the course, and I think we started out way to fast.
Enjoy it!
I know when we all do the half there is a dead zone where there is nothing. We both thought about carrying the ipods, E thinks if I have one to distract me I may do better. Have fun, learn from it. And you can text me !!

I am not a fan of the clothes either.they don't fit right. And I end up wearing mens sizes.

Chris said...

I wonder if we'll see more and more race events that interpret the rule this way. you know the "pro's" won't be using them and will be out front anyhow....But the revenue from the "rest of us" is probably important to them as well. I like to use it when I'm going to push myself so I don't hear myself struggling for breath. Interesting article in our local paper today about athesma and athletics..listening to myself is enough to make me want to give up sometimes! But the legs and body have no problem moving forward...

Sorry for the long post! This is a polarizing topic among runners. :-)

Best of luck on the half, you'll do great!

Jeff said...


The IMT Des Monies Marathon ran a poll regarding the use of headphones on its website this year.

The results: 72% stated that they use headphones during training and 81% feel that headphones should be allowed at races.

The governing body of the USA track and field is expected to clarify its ruling this December.

Major events of like this are money makers and if rules like this were strongly enforced it makes you wonder what the impact would really be. I suspect the majority of people would still just break the rule. There are a good number of pro runners but the average Joe runners make up most of the numbers.

What can be done? More entertainment out on the course. This years Dam run had far more entertainment than two years ago. It goes without saying that Disney will have entertainment although I have heard the back 6 can be a dull run until you get closer to Epcot.

Personally I am not for or against the ban. I just know that sometimes it does help pull me through. At mile 7 of Dam a local radio station was playing AC/DC's sing "It's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock and roll)" over loud speakers.
That mile was a hill mile and the song provided a great boost.

sambycat said...

so fantastic! hope you are resting today and drinking lots of water. i think i am going to do my 13k tomorrow as it is rainy here and just plain blah, so in spirit, i'll be with you!!!! i was interested to see their rules on head phones, i think its good. the half at WDW last year said you couldn't use them, though i saw tons of people with them. i can see where it adds to the irritation of the masses being oblivious to things around them, but i am not really one of those folks, nor would i have my volume up terribly high in a race. i didn't take mine to the half last year and i regretted it as i saw lots of folks with them (and nothing happened to them) and i trained with music, so the pace etc.. helps me and keeps me on track.
go team voice!!!

MikeF. said...

Good luck Jeff. Just like Lisa I too will be running my 13k on sunday.

mgreene said...

Here's a reason not to wear them:

and here .

Our local track club disqualified 5 runners last week for using them.

DebWDW said...

Good luck and have fun at the race! We'll all be anxious to hear how it goes!
(I plan to use my iPod at WDW, but will just put in one earpiece and will tape the other one under my shirt.)