Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Next Virtual Run Will Be Here Soon.

Stop by All About the Corn for more details.

Cut my training run short tonight. I made the old mistake of starting out too fast. Everything felt good until about a mile out and then my calves said slow it down. They just tightened right up. I know better than to start out fast and yet every so often I still do it. I ended up doing half of my intended run.

I figured up where I am in the Florida mileage race. Over the next 13 weeks I would 39 miles per week to achieve the total distance before leaving for Orlando. It's possible if I continue to mix biking in with jogging. But I really need to maintain the discipline to see it through.

3 months to go. Is anyone else getting as anxious as I am?


Chris said...

Anxious, yes, ready? Sort of...

Hoping the half-marathon this weekend will answer some questions about where my training is at currently, and what I need to do by January...Anxious about all that. :-)

DebWDW said...

Since I actually did 13 miles two weeks ago, I am less anxious. But I am really glad I still have three months to focus on cardio and speed.