Friday, October 24, 2008

Trick Or Treat Pt. 2

Todays video is a wonderful example of editing and talent. Where else but YouTube can you find creativity like this?

I enjoyed Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" but the book is far better than the film version. In both versions Jack "Torrance" has been hired as a caretaker for the Overlook Hotel. He and his family will spend the winter there alone. The isolation begins to wear on him and he goes insane. In the book there is a direct correlation between the boiler in the celler and Jack temperment. A fact not seen in the film. The boiler has a faulty valve and if not checked regularly it may explode. In the book Stephen King does a masterful job with building the pressure on Jacks character. There is far more happening at the Overlook than I can detail here but if you are a fan of the film consider reading the book.

Training. Fourth day of rain here. I'm beginning to think I'm living in Seattle. Of course if I was I'd be knocking on Jonathan's door this morning and saying hey pal let's get out there and run. All I'm saying is I really wish I had a running buddy.
So up to SNAP again for Biking, Weights, and a short jog in my new shoes.

I purchased another pair of Mizunos, this pair has a slightly higher arch and the arch is much firmer. Hopefully less flexing will help.
I plan on using this pair for longer runs and the other pair for shorter runs. I only have a couple hundred miles on the first pair so I still should use them.

One last note about todays video. Did you spot the hidden Mickey?


Matt said...

That is hilarious! It's funny how just changing the music and choosing the right scenes can TOTALLY distort the meaning.

sambycat said...

ok now i have to go back to find the hidden mickey..... but, i had to say thats very funny and the book was soooooo great! the thing with the wasps nest, all the scary peoples! the topiary animals.... it'll make any ride on DL's small world or wait in the TOT lobby make you think twice!

ps - all the hall ways of my apartment look like the overlooks!!! eek!