Wednesday, October 29, 2008


First off if you have not been over to AATC let me announce here that as a team we put in 156.25 miles. I received Kristin's milage this morning. 9 miles. It's so exciting to see everyones mileage and time improve. Whose up for a 200 mile event some time after we recover form Disney? Ok on the training.

We finally caught a break in the weather today. No rain and the temp was up from the 24F we had yesterday morning. Yep a little frost on the old pumpkin. Anyway this afternoon I decided to take the new shoes on the road. They have been doing well on the TM so now is was time to hit the street. My intention was to do a 6-8 miles wog. I guess you could say it turned into more of a sprog. Half mile walks mixed with half mile sprints. I was pleased with the sprints. I am hoping that working on this will help with my overall pace. Not sure if it will benefit me by January, but looking ahead to next years Dam I would like to beat the 10min pace. I am setting that as a goal for next years event. I will certainly be doing Dam and I will either run the Des Moines half again or consider training further and going for the whole marathon. My present thinking is that I could take the wog approach to a full. But who knows, that is a long way off.

I had an issue with my right foot today. I have a blister the size of a nickle between my big toe and the ball of my foot. I had a small blister right after the half and had thought it healed. I'm uncertain if I just aggravated the original blister or if the sprints caused something new altogether. I was wearing the same medium weight socks I used during the half. I need to let this heal right so it does not bother me down the road. So it looks like I will be leaning toward more biking to keep my cardio work up while giving my feet a break. I feel I really need the weight bearing exercise though. Somehow I need to find a good balance that will allow my body to get some recovery while still training toward the Disney Half.

Any suggestions?


Craig Wheeler said...

Sprog? Shouldn't that be Spralk or Wint? :)

DebWDW said...

I always put vaseline all over my toes every time I run long distances. It definitely has prevented blisters for me.

A race after the race?!! How about June?

Chris said...

I hear ya on the desire to go for the full marathon, was thinking about the Hartford Full or maybe just shoot for the Disney full in 2010.

Odd place for a blister for sure. Vaseline as Deb mentioned perhaps, although wouldn't that feel weird? I get them on the end of my toes...but think we resolved that with the new shoe....lets just say that I'll be wearing shoe boxes pretty soon. (13.5)