Thursday, October 16, 2008

If we can Dream it, then we can build it, and then we can eat it.

Hooray! I can play with my food again!!!

This product caught my eye at Target the other day.
Want to learn more about Disney themed food products?
Click here.


Rae! said...

Did you know you can go build a dessert in Downtown Disney at Goofy's?

Chris said...

We had something like this when I was a kid...they were called Cheerios.... That's where I learnt to spell... ;-)

So Jeff, was watching the Travel Channel last night and caught "America's Scarriest Places" Wouldn't ya know it, Iowa came up! Some house that a whole family was murded by someone with an Ax? In like the 1920's... Being the all knowing talent you are, can you name this "house".. :-) Would love to hear your analysis of that case!

Jeff said...


That would be the famous Villisca murder house. The case has never been solved. Over the years I have heard many different radio DJ's attempt to spend the night there on Halloween. To my knowledge none of them have ever made it through the whole night. Personally I would be too creeped out to attempt it. In fact I have never even visited the site. Wanna know more?

Matt said...

Does Foodle Doodle make Disney themed, build it yourself margaritas? Haha!!!

Joggerblogger said...

We have "Fuddles" over here in the UK north - we all chip in around $10 dollars each for the ladies at work to go to the shops and get some cheeky fun food in for Xmas at work (as blokes would just buy junk) then we all head over for a lovely last x-mas drink at the pub and then all share the foods and have a secret santa - It's ACE.

You are all welcome to this years Fuddle.

sambycat said...

is matt old enough to drink???