Saturday, August 2, 2008

Interesting Article Does Anyone Know More?

Below is an article from the Orlando Sentinel Blog

Pirates of the Caribbean Beach Resort
posted by ScottPowers on Jul 30, 2008

Walt Disney World has unveiled a rendering and a few details of some retheming and renovations in the works for Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort -- theming it after the hugely-popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride/movies/games franchise.

Beds that look like ships. Dressers that look like old crates. Curtains that look like tattered sails. The attached artist's rendering shows a few of the details.
Disney is planning the look for 384 rooms in the Trinidad South Village Area, set to be ready sometime next year. The resort has a total of 2,112 rooms.

Disney also announced a revised Magic Your Way plan. For fixed price per day, guests can add a Quick Service Dining starting Jan. 11, 2009. The package offers two quick service meals and two snacks for each night of stay, as well as a refillable drink mug for unlimited refills of non-alcoholic beverages at Disney resort hotels.

Clients who book through Walt Disney Travel Co. also will receive a new benefit -- 30 minute play-cards for Disney's resort hotel video arcades.

Have any of you heard more about this? I like the idea of two counter services and two snacks. It would be great if you could mix and match with other days that would allow table service. But who knows. My guess is that once you pick a package that is what your stuck with.


MikeF. said...

God those rooms are ugly! And to answer you question from my blog. The humidity is actually not too bad right now. Even though we have had a lot of rain lately.

caballerofan said...

I agree Mike. To me this looks like something that would fit a "value" resort better. Perhaps an expansion to All Star Movies. Guess they are running with the "caribbean" theme.

sambycat said...

i don't want the bonus children in my room.

caballerofan said...

You are right to be concerned about the bonus children, as they are cursed to revisit these ghastly rooms night after night searching for pirate gold.

lisa said...

also, if they change it to unlimited alcoholic refills - child or no, i am IN!!!