Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wrapping Up the Day

Greetings TEAM VOICE! Wow what a day it’s been. It’s been exciting hearing from everyone today and reading your blogs and all the comments out there. What a cool way to bring everyone together. I’ve mentioned a few highlights over on AATC but truthfully you should go around and visit each blog.

My own run did not start until 9:00am. I had wanted to be out the door by 5 or 6am but I had to play my part for the Olympics. Early this morning I joined the ranks of those people behind the scenes that deliver these events to your home. My part was simply to log in to a pc at work at 1:00am and change the HD feed for USA networks to an HD Olympic feed. My office received word on Thursday that this was coming. Each day of the games someone from my office will log in and change various feeds to deliver the games to Iowa, Illinois, Southern Minnesota, and parts of Missouri. I will be making another 1:00am change tomorrow. There are 4 changes per day. 1:00am, 1:30pm, 4:00am, and 4:30pm. There are three others in my group sharing this responsibility.

So following that change I went to bed and did not wake up till nearly 8. Bummer, because I had to deal with the sun. But I’m still fairly pleased with my run. I ran my normal Dewey course which took me past a sad scene that occurred a couple days ago.

For those of you I have not told, a man died along the trial last Wednesday evening. I noticed flowers as I jogged by. If you’re interested you can read about it here. I can’t help but wonder if the gentleman was out exercising alone and had a heart attack. Cause of death is still unknown. However his bicycle was found nearby.

I will say one thing about that bothersome sunshine. It does make you appreciate shade. The weather here has begun to tease us with cooler temps. I can’t wait for it to “stay” cool. I’m not certain how to address the fact that I will be dealing with humidity again when I get to Florida. By then I will be using the Treadmill leading up to the event. I am planning a couple short runs when I do get to Florida.

Watching the games here tonight. Saw Michael Phelps take Gold in his first swimming event as he set a new world record for I believe it was the 400m. If this post wasn’t already so long I would rant about how they butchered our National Anthem as he received his medal. Grrrrrr.

That moment on the podium is always a moving moment as the top athlete gets to enjoy a few minutes of national pride. No athlete should have their moment tarnished. Hopefully this will not happen again.

Great job today everyone!!!


Matt said...

Great Job Jeff!!!

How did the Chinese Communists mess up? I didn't see it. Rant PLEASE. Go over to my ranting blog and rant away!!!

It was nice chatting with you too!

caballerofan said...

You had to hear it. They JIP'd the anthem. (Joined In Progress) Like several measures into it. And then it was all chopped up. They even cut to President Bush cheering in the stands and made commentary about what he must think about how they messed up our anthem.

Rae! said...

Awesome job jeff!
Maybe you should put on another race sometime in the near future.?
I had fun?so did Miss young corn. She made your bibs we wore.

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON JEFF!!! Great job!!!

You did a great job revitalizing Team Voice with this challenge!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry. I didn't know about the race yesterday. But I did put in 15 miles on Saturday and 10 today so I hope that counts for me doing the race too. I didn't track my time. I'm guessing it was about 13 minute miles overall.

Thanks for organizing it.

Magical wishes,


DebWDW said...

Yes, thanks Jeff! It would be great if we could do it again sometime before the cool weather sets in. And maybe next time make it a 10K and 15K?

Chris said...

Congrats Jeff! Great Event!

Glad I missed the "JIP"...would have burned my bubble as well...

Perhaps a "Snowy Tundra 10k/15k" in November as Deb suggested? Of course...Rae and Bryan won't really feel our pain...but us northerners can show our toughness!