Friday, August 29, 2008

Drawing a Line

I found this picture of the internet and then doctored it a bit. Apparently this is a real group. If you want to know more click here.

It appears these soldiers have a choice to make. What's yours?

Training Update:

57F 85% Humidity today. Set out for a long run complete with water and even brought some raisins for some midway energy. Overall the jog was decent for my first long run in two months. 12.4 miles in 2hrs 25 min.

There were two issues. The raisins were a mistake. I took them at mile 7 and at mile 9.3 they wanted to come back up. I wogged for about 2 miles to curb that feeling. Eventually it passed.
The other issue is my new shoes. Once I got into the higher miles I noticed that I was striking my left heel across my right ankle from time to time. The heels have a bit of a flare to them and my stride must have changed as I grew tired. So now I have an open sore on my ankle.


Rae! said...

I am a heel striker too, but I haven't caused a sore. I need new shoes. Since I have lost weight even my shoes are to big.I mean wide.
Wow! 12.4 miles in 2:25?? Sweet! Try carrying m&m's. Peanut one. 10 of them are 120 calories. I freeze my water and it thaws out keep me a little cool, and have coll water to drink. I got my water bottles at Whole Foods, with electrolyes in it. Without the sugar. It works great.

Jeff said...

Oh water that was the other issue. I was carrying water but I ran out at mile 10. Which was a real drag.

Rae! said...

hmm.. Larger bottle??

Rae! said...

E Aladin
N Tinker Bell
fj Cinderlla
Grannie: tinker bell
R Jiminy cricket, scrooge mcduck