Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Announcing D Harmony

Are you tired of dating someone who just doesn’t get it?

Hi I’m Dr J Clark Warren. I’m here to tell you about D Harmony

D Harmony is designed help you find your soul mate, your Disney soul mate.
You see other dating services show you a picture and match you by the responses you give to questions across 29 levels of compatibility. 29 levels? Where’s the Enchantment in that? Get matched with the wrong person and your life could be turned into complete Chaos. And while we enjoy a little Mayhem now and then, our goal is to connect you with that special someone who does get it. And when that happens, it’s Magic.

At D Harmony we match you on one basic principle, your Disney character type. The process is easy, just visit the D Harmony Link, enter the password “Walt” Then answer the seven simple questions on the Disney Personality Test. What could be simpler?

Here is a brief testimonial from two of our satisfied clients.

So stop wishing upon that star. Your dreams can come true at D Harmony.


DebWDW said...

I'm a Goofy! I never would have predicted that, but it makes sense!

Rae! said...

That is so cute. They called me Jiminy Cricket. lol

Rae! said...

Thanks Jeff!! Size?? how many??

sambycat said...

sign me up, dude!