Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tundra Calorie Burner Summer Edition

In the email Jonathan mentioned, I told him that one area I need to work on is the weight training. I really do not enjoy it. My motivation for it comes and goes. I'd rather just run or bike.

I am on track for getting where I was pre Dam. I've dropped 5 of the 15lbs I gained. All I'm doing the same things I have always done to get back to 200. I am doomed to plateau again if I don't make changes.

No run today, however I think my day does count as weight training. I helped a friend move two 26' u-hauls full of boxes and furniture. We started at 9 and wrapped up around 5 this afternoon.
My feet are a bit sore from everything today so I am going to run tomorrow.

Hope your all having a good weekend.


DebWDW said...

Yes, that definitely qualifies as weight training! And it's amazing that your back's not killing you! Good job. I really enjoy weights. Are you doing too heavy, or too light? I love the feel of my muscles really, really working.

Jeff said...

For now all that is bothering me is my feet. Tomorrow may be another story altogether....

Matt said...

I have GOT to start weight training. I'm hoping once everything returns to "normal", I'll be able to. Hopefully, I'll have the motivation.

I hope nothing aches to bad today!