Monday, November 24, 2008

Proud Papa

Hello Team Voice, how’s it going? Can you believe how fast these days are going? Time is flying by here on the Tundra. We had our first “true” snow yesterday but today it has already melted away. Fine by me as I would like to see the trails stay dry along with reasonable temps if you please. We have been very busy over the past couple weeks. On the 14th and 15th our son Connor played the lead role of Henry Jekyll in our High Schools production of Jekyll and Hyde. He did a fabulous job and we are so proud of him. All of the students in the show did a wonderful job in what was a very ambitious program.

Being the proud Dad that I am, I have posted one of the scenes from the show on YouTube and am including it here. Also on the 22nd my son was part of the Iowa All State Musical performance. He was in the choir. In all there were 651 students selected from all over the state. Besides the choir, other students were either in the band or in the orchestra. I took some video of that but have not looked at it yet. I may post something if it turned out well.


I have to admit to no dedicated exercise since my 30 min mall walk last Tuesday. I feel bad about it, but I will confess that yesterday and again today my arch is feeling much better. Now I need to ease back into somehow building up to longer runs again. I am apprehensive about further damaging my foot. Slow and steady right? I feel like I am in an awkward place having only about a month before the half. Working 5am to 2pm this week so my plan is to get some exercise in after work. Monday my plan (depending in the weather) is an outdoor walking warm up followed by a light 4 – 6 mile jog or a biking warm up at SNAP followed by a few mile on the treadmill. And I will need to really check myself and not over do it.


Doc Terminus said...

Jeff, what a feather in your cap. Congratulations! Jekyll/Hyde is a fun but seriously challenging role and I am so happy that the material is available for students to perform. It has just enough of a driving rock undertone to still be cool to people born after Milli Vanilli, and a sturdy structure that keeps older patrons satisfied.

Thanks for the video, quite a showcase of your sons talents... Congratulations deservingly proud Poppa.

Craig Wheeler said...

I hope your foot is healed enough to continue on training for the race. My knee and shin issues have been off and on...I'm sure it is because I have never given my legs enough rest to fully recover. Hopefully we can all be healthy enough to meet our goals in January.

Haven't had a chance to watch the video yet...will probably do it on lunch break.

Rae! said...

How cool. Here i have been doing my longs once a week. and a lot of cardio on hills.

DebWDW said...

So the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? There are TWO actors in your family!

Craig Wheeler said...

Just watched the vid. Connor did a great job. Looking back, I often wish I would have gotten involved in productions when I was in HS. It would have been great fun.

MikeF. said...

Jeff that's awesome to hear about Connor. Deb's right the apple does not fall to far from the tree.

Hope the Arch gets better for ya. When you coem back you might want to see a doc about that.

Chris said...

Congrats to Connor and you! It always amazes me the seemingly natural talent people have when it comes to acting. Something I just don't have. Great job!

Keep on keepin' on with the foot, you'll pull through...plenty of time left, don't sweat it.

sambycat said...