Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is this Heaven? No it’s Red Wing.

After my weekend epiphany over daily footwear and arch support, I took the time to visit the Red Wing store next to my office. I was looking for either new work shoes with improved support or some type of insert that offered something better than Dr. Scholl’s.

To paraphrase Clint Eastwood, Red Wing “made my day.”

The salesperson helping me brought out “Red Wing Custom Moldable Foot Bed Insoles” You can heat these in the oven and create a custom fit if you like, but from the moment I slipped my feet back into my boots I was in heaven. Now I can support my arches throughout the day and make the transition between shoes and boots knowing that I am not prone to excessively stretching my arch in flat footwear. I think this will be a major plus for me. The discomfort I have generally occurs the day after running. (walking around at work becomes uncomfortable) This afternoon I have had no trouble. In truth I think this is really a short term help because I know that internally I have injured something. However this should help with recovery and hopefully help in these final weeks leading up to Main Street and beyond.

Post Disney I am going to take a running break and really give my foot the time it needs to heal properly. This means I will need to watch my diet closer and commit (ugh) to weight training. Biking may be ok as it does not seem to bother the arch. But I am thinking an all out break for the feet may be in order. I have plans for my feet and I need them healthy for Dam next year and if I decide to participate in the Des Moines marathon next year. I’d love to consider Disney again in 2010 but financially I am not sure I can swing another year of travel down that way so soon.

Next years Dam will be a good place to decide upon whether to maintain steady training for another half during the Des Moines event or if I am willing to commit to the full. As it stands today I can not see “running” an entire marathon. Although I can envision wogging it, but I am not certain that I can do that with pace requirements. They have walkers that do the marathon, does that mean I could start with them? They leave an hour early. Do these statements sound like I’m copping out already? I hope not. (So much to consider and too soon to decide) Overall, pacing may be the key. Frankly I’m surprised to even be considering it.

At the very least I am setting some post Disney goals. I hope that many of you are too.


Rae! said...

It depends on how i do if I do the disneyland half, or the dare I say it the Goofy 2010. We will see.

mgreene said...

Are you sure you don't have plantar fasciitis? A very common runner's injury that can take months to heal.

Jeff said...


It could be. I know that if I keep support up against the arch it feels good. Something must be amiss because the other foot has never given me this trouble. I had the same issue years ago in school and actually gave up track. I have not been to a doctor for it. My plan for now is to support it and not over train. Somehow I need to find a good balance leading into January which means I will most likely not make the total distance goal of 1374 miles before the race. It bothers me but I should not risk overdoing it. But actually training runs need to occur.

Post Disney I will be taking time off from running (perhaps 1-2 months)and with plans to do DAM again I may be best off following a more structured approach and build back up to that goal. My evening sprints last week felt good at the time but where a foolish thing to do given this issue. If this is planter fasciitis is there anything besides resting the foot that a physician would prescribe? I hesitate to go to a doctor before Disney as I do not want to be grounded. Perhaps I should not have done the Des Moines half with Disney only a few months away.

mgreene said...

Yes, there are exercises to help. And make sure you keep your calves stretched religiously. One of the best is to scrunch your toes while watching TV, etc. Also, picking up marbles with your toes. You're trying to strengthen the muscles on the bottom of the foot. And NEVER walk barefoot!. One of the reasons it takes so long to heal is that people get up each morning barefooted and walk to the bathroom, tearing all the stuff that had healed over night.

Jeff said...

Yes mornings are the worst. I will try setting a pair of my running shoes next to the bed and slipping them on. The bathroom walk can bring some discomfort but it is the walk downstairs to the kitchen that really bugs me.

I have been rolling a tennis ball under the arch to massage it. That seems to help. I will also try some of your other suggestions.

Thanks for the advice.

DebWDW said...

Glad to hear you found the inserts! And I think your plan sounds good.