Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Go For A Jolly Ride.

Sometimes simple things are so nice. Today I drove over to one of our Illinois systems. It was a nice drive. 2 ½ hours of piece and quiet. Listening to radio rather than plugging in the ipod was a refreshing change. I like driving, I find it relaxing. Perhaps that is because I get the chance to unplug and not be glued to the PC or stuck on a phone. Whatever it is I like it and I look forward to the drive back tomorrow.

I’m typing this up before laying down for some rest. We have a maintenance scheduled for midnight. Earlier I was going to hit the fitness room at the hotel, but opted for mall walking when I went out looking for a place to eat.

To celebrate the open road yourself, may I suggest a visit to the Virtual Toad Website. This site is still under construction but it’s really cool and offers a nice step back in time.
Be sure to look over your shoulder before entering the attraction. Ahh memories.

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Rae! said...

We like to do that too. It depends on the weather if we dive the hard top or convertible. :)