Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He's The Greatest, He's Fantastic!

In a surprise announcement this morning Cosgrove Hall Films and Disney have confirmed the upcoming release of "Danger Mouse The Motion Picture"
Inside Edition reports that the original cast members where left out in the cold and that Disney's Fab five will star in this big screen adaption.

Early rumors are that Donald Duck will be playing Count Duckula. Goofy will play the role of Agent 57 who is a master of disguise. Minnie Mouse is said to be in negotiations for the role of Colonel K. A source close to the production staff has been quoted as saying that Minnie was offered the role of the Colonel's secretary but refused the offer saying "if Dame Judy Dench can play M, I can darn well play Colonel K!"

It is also said that early screen tests with Mickey indicate what just may be a nod to Oscar. Bob Iger states that this is perhaps Mickeys most damanding role and that the animated character has insisted on doing his own stunt work. He further states that with the popularity of the Danger Mouse series in England that the show could help boister park attendance for Disneyland Paris.

No release date has been announced.

Here's a look at one of the original episodes.

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MikeF. said...

OK is this one of Jeff W.'s funny little pics and stories or is this real?