Sunday, November 9, 2008

Duck Feet? Yes Duck Feet!

Yep that's me dressed as Donald about 17 years ago. We were going to a halloween party. My wife and her friends had the idea of being Huey, Dewey, and Louie so naturally I was to be Donald. It's funny to look back at this now knowing that soon we will all be down in the parks chasing this fine feather fellow.

Speaking of ducks and feet our pal Doc Terminus could not resist a little duck feet fun himself. Stop by Passamaquoddy and check it out.

My arch is feeling better today and I did make it out for a jog tonight. I was going to go up to SNAP for biking and treadmill work but when I stepped outside I decided to just jog outdoors. Temps here are in the low 20's but there was no wind.
I had a comfortable Dewey jog on trails I am familiar with. Two things worked in my favor today. One, because I decided to jog outside at the last minute I did not have my garmin. This was actually nice because I generally look at my pace and stress over it. Tonight I was just able to relax and have fun at a nice pace. Two, I wore an old pair of running shoes to work today. These have much higher support in them than the shoes I typically wear to the office. All day I could tell my left foot was happy. I can't wear these shoes during regular buisness so I need to come up with a plan. I am going to shop for an over the counter support for walking or I will stop over to the Red Wing store and see what they have that might work.

I played cards last night with some high school friends which was nice. It's amazing how laid back we were, compared to what seems like only a short time ago. My friend Dave tells me he has begun jogging. Hopefully he and I can work out some running times together. (Too bad the weather is turning cold here.) I told Dave he should consider DAM and shrugged it off. I think he could certainly be ready. He has been running 2-3 miles per outing for awhile now but he tells me he did over 7 one night.
He runs a 10:30 pace which puts him right there close to me. So here's hoping I can have a running buddy again.


mgreene said...

Here is the blog of one of my friends who is along a similar track as the Team Voicers, except he's doing the full marathon here in Huntsville next month. He's only been running since February and has made really amazing progress. Eric Patterson

Rae! said...

it looks like we will be at All star sports again I asked if they could move us to movies they are looking in to it. We got the 4 night and 3 free. but not the disney money. She is looking into that too. I told them that Jena got it for you, so they are trying real hard so we don't change.
I am glad you are feeling better.
Love the picture.

MikeF. said...

Nice pic my friend.

sambycat said...

that is quite hilarious!!!!!!

and PS - can't wait to see you again and meet the Mrs.! :)