Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Friend The Professor

Hello Team Voice. Are you all getting excited? Me too! But wait hold on there just a second, race day is still a couple weeks a way, and you still have some preparing to do. You've trained all year for the physical portion of this run. Let's not forget to excercise the mind. Sometimes to achieve great things we need to keep ourselves in check. If you don't pay attention to what you have learned, you'll burn yourself out. Keep the answer to todays quiz in mind when we are all standing in those starting corrals.

Perhaps you would like another hint?.
The excitement of starting the race may cause this chemical to be released in your body, causing you to start off more quickly than you had planned. If you let it get the better of you, you may burn out. The excitment of race day is enough to pull you through, don't let a burst of this crank you all up.

Race day is getting so close. I'm goosepimply all over.


Basil said...

I'm stumped.

sambycat said...

you suck! not lactic acid, my first guess, but some kind of steroid or phenol ring or what not! i sense danger!!!!! whatever it is - the magical elixir, minus a bee sting, will be the cure!!

Rae! said...

It's not water,but it has water base and stuff so I am going to guess sweat???

Basil said...

With the new clue, I'm going with adrenaline??