Thursday, December 11, 2008


Saludos my dah-lings and you know who you are! seasons greetings it is I Fernando! It’s wonderful to be back here in the Hideaway with you all. I’ve missed my little corner of the world. Where have I been? So glad you asked.

I have been to Passamaquoddy and let me tell you it was mah-vel-ous, ab-so-oot-ly mah-vel-ous. The air quality surrounding Chum Shop Earth has really improved. Those folks are so inventive, they reinstalled the fishing rod and simply hung an oversized Magic Tree Air Freshener over the chimney. The result is the sweet smell of apple pie. Captain Slippy tells me that future air fresheners will resemble fishing lures instead of trees. How wonderful.

What brought me to Passamaquoddy? Well I was looking for Glenn Whelan as he had promised me an interview. The Townsfolk informed me that Glenn had left for Mousefest in Orlando. So not wanting to waste my visit I decided I would check out the town. Armed with a copy of the new 2009 edition of “The Not Quite Official Guide to Passamaquoddy” I had a wonderful time.

I could go on and on about The Ellenshaw Museum, The Passamaquoddy Cinema, The Octorail, or The Block Party Bass Parade but then this visit to the Hideaway would run too long. I invite you to stop over to Passamaquoddy and explore for yourselves.

Nando had thought about traveling down to Orlando to find Glenn, but I missed the Hideaway so much I have decided to stay put. Join me next time when I will be joined by a very special guest for our Team Voice members.

One last thing before leaving, Jeff called to tell me Sophie is doing well and was able to put a little weight on her legs today.

Caio’ for now Dah-lings,


Rae! said...

Hi And welcome back. I hope you don't mind I kept the booth nice and warm.
So who is the Guest??

Rae! said...

Yes I booked a room!

Chris said...

Egg-cellent, glad to hear your trip was quite pleasant. :-)

Sorry to hear about the knee!! Dang...

DebWDW said...

Oh, Nando, we missed you so much!