Monday, December 15, 2008

Colored Underwear.

Not certain how old I was here, (ten?) but I do remember this Christmas morning. Yes, I really was that excited about getting colored briefs and t-shirts. For some reason which I do not recall, it was a big deal. Guess I was just tired of the whitey tighty's. Also that year one my favorite shows on TV was The Six Million Dollar Man. Colonel Steve Austin could run so fast and I loved the sound effects. Behind me is the box for the "Mission Control center" Later on when The Bionic Woman came out my sister got those toys. It's a little odd thinking back on these toys. Youtube has brought back a few memories. It's interesting that The "Million Dollar Man" and The "Bionic Woman" both took on dangerous missions in the shows each week yet when it came to merchandising Steve got all the cool gadgets while Jamie got stuck with a "Mission Purse" and "The Bionic Beauty Salon.

This past Saturday temps reached the mid fourties and melted most of the ice on the trails. I went out in the evening to give pavement running with the arch supports a try. I started off with a half mile walk and then began jogging. During the first couple miles I was having doubts about the supports, but be mile 3 my feet felt fine.
In all, I jogged six straight miles with an average pace of 12. Two days later and my feet still feel good. So it looks like the supports will be in at Disney.

Tomorrow I plan to hit the dreadmill because temps have dropped into the single digits. I tried citrus "Sharky's" on Saturday jog and found I did not like the taste. They make a fruit berry flavor that I like but the citrus ones tasted like gasoline. They worked but yuck.

Our little one is doing really good. I had to use a sling to support her when going outside for a couple days but know she is able to walk on a leash. She has only had one accident in the house, and hach day she improves and gets stronger. She will still be restricted quite a bit over the next 7 weeks. She must be on a leash outside, no stairs, and no free play with Jake and Zoe.

Looking forward to hearing some more Mousefest reports. Be sure to stop by Debs blog, she has posted quite a bit. Thanks for bringing us along Deb.

In closing I'll ask this. Do you remember any toy(s) from your childhood that you feel nostalgic about?


mgreene said...

My earliest toy recollection was from 1968. AT my grandmother's house, all the cousins would draw names to see who would give each other a present. My cousin, Steve, drew mine and I got a very basic 2 car HotWheels race set with a yellow Twinmill and and brown Chaparral. I eventually expanded my Hotwheels collection to over 300 (but, alas my younger brother lost all but 4 of them that I had stored in my "junk" drawer.) In my later years I've collected many of the early "redlines" that I had as a youth and now have several Hundred feet of track including "Sizzlers" fat track. I could probably set up a road course that would encompass my whole house!

Here's the yellow

and here's the Chaparral

MikeF. said...

GI JOE!!! A real American hero!

Jeff said...

Ah Sizzlers. Now that is another Christmas memory. I had asked Santa for the "Fat Track" and one day shortly before Christmas I looked up on a shelf in our basement(yes we have basements in the midwest)and saw a very large box. It was the Sizzlers set I wanted. Being a kid I got excited and pulled the box down, opened it and just as I was about to being assembling the track I noticed my Mom standing at the top of the stairs. I was so busted. She was a bit upset and took it away. She may have even said something about my getting coal that year.

But on Christmas morning I awoke and found that Santa had set up the entire track right in front of the tree. Those were fun Hot Wheels. I noticed that about a year or so ago they were available again.

Never had a GI Joe. I had Cornelius from Planet of the Apes. "A real simian hero!"

Rae! said...

Shirt is in the mail look for a little magic coming!

mgreene said...

Forgot about the G.I. Joes! I had one of the ones with "realistic" looking flocked red facial hair that eventually started falling out, making him look like he had leprosy. Also had a talking one where you pulled on his dog tags and he would yell out lines like "Enemy planes, hit the dirt!"

Anonymous said...


First of all - toys? Yeah - I remember toys - Rambo figures, Thundercats figures, and of course, the original Nintendo. :)

Secondly - we're 20 days from arriving at WDW, and I wanted to tell EVERYONE in Team Voice how wonderful they've been - but ESPECIALLY you, Jeff. You've been a wonderful friend and inspiration through...well...nearly 2 years since I started this journey. Amazing isn't it?


DebWDW said...

I'll show my age. MY Mr. Potato Head only came with the pieces, not the body. The box had noses, arms, ears, etc. but you were supposed to get a REAL potato from your mom and use that for the body. A potato could last a few weeks before it had too many holes and was starting to get mushy!