Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Once again it is I, Fernando!

Saludos My Dah-lings once again it is I Fernado. You know, when last you stopped by the Hideaway Nando promised you a very special guest. And that guest is here in the booth with me tonight. Please welcome the fabulous Donald Duck.

Donald it is so good to see you again my friend, did you have your feathers whitened? I kid you because I am a kidder. Actually you look mahvelous dah-ling, abso-lute-ly mahvelous. Welcome to the Hideaway.

Why thank you Fernando, it’s nice to be here. You look pretty snazzy yourself.

You are too kind, but I agree with you. As you know, my father always said to me, Nando, above all things you must look mahvelous, because when you look mahvelous, you will feel mahvelous also. He was so wise. But enough about me, let’s talk about what brought you by the Hideaway today.

Oh my my my, I am so excited, As you know Nando, The annual Walt Disney World marathon weekend is just around the corner, so I stopped by today to wish each of the Team Voice members good luck on reaching their half marathon goals. Soon the whole team will be in Orlando and ready to take on the Kingdom. As my pal Jonathan says “Main Street Awaits!”

Donald you say that with such excitment, I'm all goosepimply, but I know what you mean. I have met a few of the team members personally and let me tell you Donald, they have been working there tail feathers off.

I would run myself, but as you know, polyester does not breathe well. So Nando would rather stand on Main Street and cheer.

We all need someone in our corner cheering us on, and that’s part of what makes Team Voice work. Everyone is unique, yet they share some common interests and goals, and that helps pull everyone together. When things get tough they stop and think about what their prime motivator and cheerleader Rae said early on. “Disney people never give up” and of course let’s all remember Byron’s quote “Keep pushing forward.” These are both wonderful slogans of encouragement.

You know Donald, it sounds as though you have taken quite an interest in Team Voice.

Oh I have, I have. In fact my nephews and I have even visited a few of their blogs over the past year. The boys and I really want to see everyone succeed! Not only are we excited, the whole team is. There is such a level of commitment. Take Debra Burke for example. During Mousefest she went out and jogged 10 miles around Disney property. Deb has made steady progress all year long, never complaining, and she always has something positive to say to help keep her fellow teammates going. She has been a wonderful guest on All About the Mouse a few times too. Jonathan shouldn’t worry about Jeff W taking his place, he should be concerned about Deb. I’m kidding, we don’t ever want to lose Jonathan, but she really could do it. She’s that good.

Tell me about some of the other Team members Donald. Has anyone from Team Voice run in past marathon weekends?

Yes, they have at least three returning veterans this year, Bryan Ripper, Lisa Farry and Kate. They each did a great job last year and the team can really learn a lot from their experiences. Kate is taking on the Goofy Challenge this year. She will be doing my half marathon race and then Mickey’s full marathon the very next day. It’s an appropriately named challenge, and Kate if you’re reading this, I know you can do it!

Abso-lute-ly she can do it!

And speaking of Lisa weren’t you going to interview her at some point here in the Hideaway?

What a fabulous idea! In fact that gives me another idea. I should interview Trace about The Disney Dudes podcast that he and Wayne will be starting soon. I really should write these ideas down. But for now Donald let’s get back to Team Voice. Is everyone else new to Disney running?

Well Rae has finished some other Disney runs. I know she did the “Tower of Terror 13k” in October of 07 and the “Minnie Marathon” and “Race for the Taste in 08.” This will be her first half marathon. Other than that, several others will be running an official Disney race for the first time. Let’s see if I can remember the others. There’s Jonathan, Byron, Deb, Craig, Kristin, and that other intro guy….umm hmm what’s his name? It’s right on the tip of my bill.

Mike Fess?

Oh yes of course, Mike how silly of me. Then there is Chris, Matt and Heath. If I missed someone please leave a comment or send an email to heyimrunningtoo@allaboutthemouse.com heck for fun let’s see how many of you send an email to donaldsaidreadmynamebecauseimrunninginthe2008disneymarathon@allaboutthemouse.com

Donald you are being a bit silly, but I love it.

Just having some fun Nando. Oh no, it appears my limo is here, so I must be leaving you and your guests. I’ve had a wonderful time, but before I go, I know the Team would like to thank joggerblogger, princess fee, mgreene and everyone else who has commented on their blogs this past year. And to the Team Voice members who are running, I hope you each have an incredibily fun run. Enjoy it! You have all worked very hard to prepare for the race and soon, very soon, it will be here. I’m proud of each and every one of you.

Thank you for visiting us here in the Hideaway Donald. Please say you’ll come back after the race for another visit.

Nando, I’d be more than happy to. Have a Magical Day and GO TEAM VOICE!!!

You do the same my fabulously feathered friend. Well that will wrap up things for today. Don’t be surprised this January if sometime, someplace, you hear a nearby voice saying “you look mahvelous, absolutely mahvelous.”

Ciao dah-lings.


Rae! said...

What a great interview!

Got shirt??

Trace The Disney Dude said...

You know Trace The Disney Dude will be at Marathon weekend to witness the success of TEAM VOICE!!
And thanks again for being a part of Disney Dudes Podcasting history!!
See you in 18 days!!!
PS, Im shocked Donald was able to do an interview without getting pissed off! At some point Donald normally gets pissed! Donald must love Team Voice!

D.O.C. said...

Happy Christmas Jeff. Wonderful post.

bigbrian-nc.com said...

This post looks mahvelous.