Monday, December 8, 2008

Knee Injury

So I went to the Doctor this morning, can you believe, one month away from the big race and I’m dealing with a luxated patella. Standing itself is an issue and running clearly is aggravating. When this first started, the knee would pop in and out on its own, but now it’s just out. Trying to place the right leg firmly on the ground is painful.

Early tomorrow is another consultation with the possibility of outpatient surgery. This could be hereditary, and if I go ahead and address both knees, I will save $1000 in medical costs. No food after midnight tonight just in case surgery can be squeezed in tomorrow. Post surgery recovery is expected to be 60% within two weeks and the long term results are promising.

Regardless of all this, I am still planning to be at marathon weekend and give it my best effort.

Update 12/09/08:
Ok Mike, I know that wasn't funny. You didn't really think I was talking about me did you? Perish the thought. I dropped off Sophie (our third dog) for surgery this morning. If all goes well she should be recovered well enough to not be a big burden on my sister (who is house sitting) while we are gone. All the details above describe what Sophie is facing. She has been very uncomfortable and she is still under a year old. I am expecting a call later today on how everything went.

BTW I'm planning to be at Mousefest next year in 2009! Woo Hoo! Is it wrong to be excited about that already? I didn't think so. haha. Plans are to travel with my Mom and my sister who has not been back to the World since 1976. Boy is she in for a surprise.


Rae! said...

So is you or the dog with the injury??

I had that fixed back in high school. I had that problem.

You?? Dog?? { scratching head with confused look on face}

MikeF. said...

Not funny. You had me worried there Jeff. Just so you know I am sticking my tounge out at my computer right now.

DebWDW said...

YOU BAD BOY!!! You can't joke around with us so close to race time!!! But I do hope everything goes okay with Sophie.

Craig Wheeler said...

I saw this the day you posted and thought that medical diagram looked a little weird. I was thinking, "Wow, the patella has actually disappeared." I was so confused. Nice post.