Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Will the real Charlie please stand up?

"Contestant number one what is your name please?"
"My name is Charlie."

"Contestant number two what is your name please?"
"My name is Charlie."

"Contestant number three what is your name please?"
"My name is Charlie."

Ok Charlie may not be hard to pick out, but who can name the other two gentlemen and the common interest they shared with the actor who played Charlie?

Updated: 9/10
This dose of trivia may be a bit much for those of you that did not grow up in the seventies. The two pictured gentlemen were very well known in their day.
I'm going to leave this one up a bit longer. Certainly, one of our resident Docs can answer this.

Updated 9/11
Lisa you win your red light challenge and mgreene you are correct, That is indeed Marlin Perkins.
Marlin Perkins & Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom
This nature show preceded “The Wonderful World of Disney” on Sunday Nights
Marlin narrated the show and rode in the helicopter while Jim did all the dangerous stuff.

As for the gentleman in the middle perhaps this picture would help...

Jacques-Yves Cousteau – World Famous Oceanographer.

Jean Michel his son carries on the Cousteau legacy and in 2003 joins with Disney/Pixar and forms “Ocean Futures Society”

Can you name the narrator of this Cousteau documentary? Yes there is a Disney connection.

By now, you may have guessed that the common factor between these men is a love of nature and the animals that populate our world. Between 1971 and 1977, John Forsythe served as narrator on the syndicated nature series, “The World of Survival” This show ran on Sunday mornings. I had hoped to find more information on the web about this show. All I could find is this brief mention.

Oh and Mr. Forsythe has a Disney connection as well. He was one of several Hollywood stars attending the Grand Opening of The Disney MGM Studios.

He even left his handprints.


sambycat said...

its like i've finally found my days purpose!!! right off the bat i have to say they were all on dynasty!

after that, i got nothin....

sambycat said...

all i get for the other two is my grandpa, and salvador dali woithout the crazy mustache...

Jeff said...

That's two strikes Lisa. One more and I'll have to pull the cab over and put you out on the curb.

Red Light Challenge Time.
Name the one guy that was on Dynasty.

sambycat said...

john forsythe is the intercom. he was on charlies angels. sort of. and dynasty! no i did not watch that show. i am sure you did, however, in hopes of catching a glimpse of heather locklear!!

she was on that one right?

and slow down before you kick me out the car, k?

mgreene said...

The one on the left looks like Marlin Perkins from "the Wild Kingdom".

Jeff said...


Never have been a Heather Locklear fan.

My seventies top three, Jacklyn Smith, Jan Smithers, and Cheryl Tiegs.