Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rain is for Ducks

Encouraged by Debs 11 miles run this morning, I set out tonight for a long run myself. I made it out the door at 9pm. The Temp tonight was 67F with no wind. My run was going nicely when at about mile 2 I began to feel some very light sprinkles. By mile 3 it was more of a drizzle but it felt good. I briefly entertained the idea of cutting my run short somewhere around mile 5 as the drizzle turned a steady downpour. But I thought to myself "shucks I'm already soaked so why not continue." So in the true spirit of Team Voice I continued onward.

Soon I was running through the occasional puddle and my shoes felt like sponges.(for those wondering yes I was wearing my new shoes. Hey I had not expected the rain)

At mile 7 I tried a product called Sports Beans by Jelly Belly. I tried the Fruit Punch flavor. One pouch provided three mouthfulls. I can't honestly say they did anything for me. But at least they never made me sick like the raisins and sports gels do. I suggest following these with water.

Around mile 8 the rain really began coming down hard. I was beginning to get a chill from the heat leaving my body due to my drenched clothing. Thankfully I had used powerglide and my heavy clothes did not cause any discomfort. I found that to be safe I had to make a couple of course changes that would have taken me along some roads. I was concerned about decreasing visibility. The heavy rain continued until mile 10 and then it stopped. The drizzle returned about a mile later.

The heel strikes ankle issue occured four times during this run.(last run it was more like 20-30 times) I do not know why this is happening. I kicked my ankle so hard at mile 11.5 that I let out a strong verbal exclaimation. I finished at 12.4 miles. This run challenged me and I am happy to say I made it though.

One interesting thing that helped pull me along was the sound of the rain. I could hear it pouring into storm drains and gutters. The cool part was approaching the sounds and then hearing them fade away behind me. The rain falling on the trees and on the corn(yes corn)was nice to listen to as well.

But the highlight of the evening was not the run itself. It was returning home to a nice and very unexpected surprise my daughter had cooked up for me. How cool is this?

Not only are these cookies Mickey shaped, they are made following the official Disneyland 50th Anniversary cookie recipe. Oatmeal,Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips. Yum, and no I do not want to know how many WW points these are worth.

In the Virtual Run Dept.

A new addition to our virtual runs is being added for the weekend of September 20th.
Deb and I should be announing further details within the next 24 hours. I am actually planning on being in Marceline on the 20th. So I will be doing my run on the 19th and submitting it to Deb.

And in the right back at you music department:

Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight Pt.1

Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight Pt.2


MikeF. said...

Great job pushing forward

Craig Wheeler said...

Great job on the run!

Rae! said...

Awesome job on the run. In the rain.
That is so cool that your daughter made those cookies. :) That would have made me surprised as you know what.

Joggerblogger said...

Them cookies look ace - can't wait for the race next weekend :-0