Monday, September 22, 2008

Marceline Part 2

Hope you liked the video. It was my kind of parade, short and sweet.

Seeing all the kids wandering around town in their pirate and princess outfits was fun, and then there was Lil’ Miss Marceline, Jr. Miss Marceline, and Miss Marceline. I thought it was nice that three girls could have a special day like that.

After the parade passed we continued on down Main Street. Our next stop was Walt’s Dreaming Tree and Barn. I hopped in Trace’s car along with Lisa and Wayne and away we went toward the northern edge of town.

What a crew!

After signing his name up in the rafters, Trace poses with Flat Stanley

The interior of the barn is filled with well wishes and signatures from visiting guests. You may even find a familiar name or two.

The picture above is my favorite scenic shot from the trip. It makes a great wallpaper.

On the way out I stopped to think for a bit under Walt's Dreaming Tree.

Over the years the Disney homestead has had some additions. I looked for an original picture online and could not find one. There is one on display at the Disney Museum. Throughout Marceline and again while standing here you just can not escape the sound of trains. It's no wonder they held such a meaningful and nostalgic place in Walt's heart.

I will conclude tomorrow with some more pics and thoughts.


sambycat said...

i wonder what you where thinking about under that tree....... and how DIFFERENTLY that picture could have been if,oh, you were MAD or something!!!!! ;)
heh heh

DebWDW said...

Excellent trip report, and I can't wait to see more pics! What a wonderful experience. See, there are some perks to living in the Tundra!

Joggerblogger said...

Loving the trip report - and flatman rocks!