Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yoo Hoo, Listen To Your Body

The goal this week and next was to do some mid level runs and then allow a couple days of rest before DAM next Saturday. This past Wednesday I went out for a mid week run. On Thursday morning I awoke and discovered that a deep discomfort had returned to the ball of my left foot.

Today(Saturday)it has finally subsided. I am in a quandry. I feel the need to get out and do something before next weekend, But I don't want to push it. I have thought about using either the ellipticle or a bike at SNAP. But I am still concerned about how much my foot might flex. I really do not want to risk injury before next weekend.

This run is important to me. It marks a return to a place I was at two years ago. I place that I had let slip away from me for over a year until Jonathan Dichter inspired me to get off the couch. And now there are so many more of you, that it inspires me even more to keep chugging along.

Perhaps I will do something light tonight. Maybe just walk. Something.

On to something I have been enjoying for a few days now. I picked up a copy of "How To Be A Megastar" by Blue Man Group. It contains both the DVD concert and a CD of that concert. Very cool. There is a great documentary about the group that is included. One of the main things they like to focus on is finding your bliss. Or rather pursuing those things in life that make you happy and still allow you to be yourself. I posted one song over in the clip joint.

Also I highly recommend going over to itunes and checking out the Bringing Disneyland Home video cast. Brad aka "Oakfan" does a fantastic job with in the park videos. I believe it was during Westfeast 07 that he did a special presentation that combined Disneyland footage with Blue Man Group. Check Out Vidcast 35.


Rae! said...

Remember I had the sore calf muscles a week before the 15k??? I just changed over to cross training. Cross training is just as good. Maybe try a short run and see how you feel.
Did you wear out your shoes already??
Have a safe weekend!!!

Doc Terminus said...

You are a MegaStar Jeff... I too totally dig the Blue Man Group and caught that concert when it toured through Nashville... "I feel love" was a total highlight and went right on my mp3 player...

DebWDW said...

Do the bike with the arms at the gym, Jeff. You'll get good cardio without having weight on your feet.

It is amazing how much difference it makes to be part of a team!

I love Minnie -- thanks for pic! I also love the Blue Man Group! And I will give the BDH vidcast a look-see.

sambycat said...

mmmmm... westfeast!