Saturday, May 17, 2008

Even Rocky said "Keep Moving Forward"

Rocky - His Whole Life Was A One In A Million Shot

With high winds tonight I decided to wait and run tomorrow. If the winds persist then I will commit to a long jog at SNAP on their dreadmill.

But tonight I watched a movie that really surprised me. Rocky Balboa is actually a good film. Let's face it, the two previous films were a little weak. And don't get me started on Tommy Gunn.

This final installment of the series marks a return to what made the first two films so good and I can sum it up with one word. Heart.

Adrian we find has passed away, yet Rocky still loves her enough to remember and honor her every day. There are a number of poignant moments. Rocky has moved back into his old neighborhood and we find that he still has a laid back style and cares about the people that still live around Philedelphia. He even strikes up a friendship with Lil' Marie. The girl from the original film that told him "Screw You Creepo" when he was just trying look after her best interests. Now that she is grown up, life turns around in such a way that Rocky is able to be helpful to her this time.

Of course there is a fight. Every Rocky film needs to have that. And I think this one was done well. At least it was better that the last two. No need to go into that really. The true enjoyment of this film is seeing Rocky come full circle.

I have posted a few videos in the clip joint In the first two, Rocky uses a line Byron introduced to Team Voice some time ago. His reference came from "Meet The Robinsons" but coming from Rocky it's pretty darn inspiring. Don't you think?

Before I close here is Mike Fess doing his impression of Rocky.
da,da...da,da,da...da,da,da...da,da,da Gonna Fly Now...


MikeF. said...

"Getting strong now"

Grizzpyre said...

"Won't be long now."

and for good measure...since I missed it earlier this week...

I'd like you to have this flower, from the church of religious consciousness. Would you care to make a donation?

sambycat said...

if mr. t isn't in it, forget it. i pity the fool.