Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday is for Maury, Wednesday is for Fernando

Saludos, it is I Fernando! Today I have taken over the Tundra to test the waters of blogging. You know, I read many blogs and so many of them are mahvelous, absolutely mahvelous. So I said to myself “Nando perhaps you too should blog.” But then I think about today’s guest and his second blog which has not been updated in a long, long time, and I question the time commitment it would take. I mean I love to chat and hear myself talk dahlings, but I need time to mambo everyday too.

So lets go ahead and bring on my special guest, joining me here in the Hideaway. You know him from his intro work over on the All About the Mouse Podcast. Let’s welcome Jeff W from Iowa.

Greetings dahling, have a seat here in the booth. You look mahvleous, yet you look a bit tired today. What’s up with that?

First, let me say that as always, you also look marvelous, and second it’s this crazy schedule that I have at work. My hours vary from week to week and this week started with Saturday and Sunday 11am to 8pm and then Monday through Wednesday 5am to 2pm. By Wednesday I’m shot. Hey can I get some coffee?

Certainly, I know that you tend to be a night owl dahling, so I can imagine you do get tired.

Excuse me one moment, sweetheart would you be a dahl and bring Jeff and I each a cup of Joe? Thank-you.

So, how many hours of sleep are you getting?

Typically about six. But when I work the early shift I am lucky to get in three. Last night I got in four.

Muy bueno! How did you manage that?

Some good advice from a feline friend last night on Skype. She simply said “you need to go to bed” She mentioned something about dressing up as Edna Mode, which frightened me, so I put on my Spiderman pajamas and went to bed.

You have Spiderman pajamas too?

I’m kidding you, because I know you are a kidder. No actually, mine have Mickey Mouse on them. They’re flannel and they feel great.

Let’s shift gears a moment. Tell me what’s up with the W? You are clearly not related.

Ahh good one. When I first wrote to Bryan at All About the Mouse I signed without giving my full name and I just kept it that way. Adds a certain mystique don’t you think? Kind of like Blue Man Group wearing sunglasses. That’s all there is to that.

You have a big race coming up this Saturday. What are you doing to prepare?

Well my left foot feels good this morning, so I’m planning a short run this afternoon, keeping my water intake up, I will probably throw some protein on the grill tonight, and Friday I’m planning on having some pasta. And then Saturday I need to pick up Larry at 5am. So sleep is also a big deal over the next few nights.

That sounds mahvelous. What can we expect from you and the Wonderful World of Intros?

That’s actually getting exciting. I have been receiving email suggestions, scripts, and questions about how others can make intros. Hopefully I will be collaborating with Mike Fess again soon, and Stroller Boy Chris has approached me with two really good ideas. I’m not giving anything away though.

The All About the Mouseketeers are listening dahling, please do tell.

Nope sorry, however I will say that if you like Star Wars, be sure to listen to the All About the Mouse podcast for a short intro series I put together. It’s coming up very soon.

I’m giddy with anticipation. But for now we have to go.
Jeff will you be updating this blog later today?


Ok then. Join me here next time when I will be interviewing Edna Mode.


UPDATE: Ok I got out and did 6.88 miles tonight. Now it is rest and goods eats until race day. Woo Hoo!!!


DebWDW said...

I love Nando! I hope he comes back occasionally!

Chris said...

I'm tellin' ya, we need to get hold of "The View" producers and show them a REAL interview/chat forum like this one! Perhaps they can keep that Hasslebeck person...she's related to a football type person and anything NFL related can't be bad :-)

Great work!

Fernando said...

True Elizabeth is mahvelous!

Rae! said...

That was a great interview. Maybe you should do that on a weekly basis and interview the Team Voice members?

I am off Saturday, IM me, text me,I want to know the results!!!!

sambycat said...

ok... FYI- when someone confessess that they had an urge to dress as an animated character, one should allow that to remain secret. dahling.


sambycat said...

you know, mr. w, it is better to look good than to feel good - and you, YOU look mahvelous!

caballerofan said...

Dahling, I just mentioned a "feline friend."

Now thanks to your own comment, the entire internet knows it was you.

And besides I admitted to wearing Mickey in flannel...and well that's actually true.

Now Professor Ludwig jammies in plaid...That would be embarassing.

Anonymous said...

So I shouldn't confess my Mickey Boxers that are lavender blue dilly dilly dilly?

caballerofan said...

Bravo Jon. Nice one.