Sunday, October 11, 2009

Snow has fallen on the Tundra.

Woke up to an inch of white fluffy goodness Saturday morning. By noon it had all melted away. Can't remember the last time it snowed this early. Temps were back in the upper 40's today.

Exercise since last post.

10/4 4 mile walk with Zoe. She has proven to be the best of our three dogs to walk with. She always stays on my left side and after about the first 1/2 mile she falls right in step with me.

10/7 5.59 miles. .59 warm up followed by a steady 5 mile jog.

10/8 4 mile walk with Sophie.

10/11 8.59 miles. .59 warm up followed by a steady 8 mile jog. During the first three miles I felt sluggish but managed to push through. Following this run I am feeling very tired but am going to make a point of icing my feet down and stretching out. I had Sharky's to help fuel myself tonight but I was not carrying water. I have a belt that holds a bottle but it is bothersome when jogging. In the past I have considered buying one of those camel packs. Has anyone had much experience with those? I like the idea of the sipping straw that comes with these but am concerned that carrying a "backpack" of water might not be very comfortable.


MikeF. said...

I went out and bought the water bottle that straps to your hand. After a while you forget it's there. I have the same belt as you and it is very bothersome during my runs. Great job on getting the miles in. And SNOW ALREADY! Man and I thought we had some cold temps here in the N.E.

Chris said...

Outstanding work and consistency, Jeff! I was looking into the camelback thing myself, but weary as you are about carrying that much with me. However, it's probably better distributed than the bottle belt. I've got one too and it's tough the first few miles when it's full, but is much more manageable at half... I might try one of the hand bottles that Mike mentioned, saw a number of people at the marathon with those.

It ain't the snowy tundra till it snows, right? :-)

Amanda said...

Great job on the workouts! I need some of your motivation!

Snow already - that's crazy! It is one thing I miss here in AZ though :)

DebWDW said...

I's so sad that you have snow already, but it's just a matter of time til we get the white stuff too!